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Welbon Plains Landcare Webinar Series 

Webinar 1 - Beneficial Insect populations & the role they play in Agricultural Landscapes

  • Thursday 23rd September 2021
  • 1pm - 2pm 

Guest speaker Pippa Jones, Senior Land Services Officer - Natural Resource Management  followed by Q & A. 

Webinar 2 -  Animal Production – What we need to look out for this Spring

Thursday 30th September 1pm-2pm       

  • Possible issues grazing spring/summer pastures/crops
  • Supplementing spring/summer pastures/crops
  • Managing heat stress and weather events

Guest speaker Sally Balmain - Livestock  Land Services Officer followed by Q & A

Webinar 3 - The Importance of sowing decisions in crop rotations 

Date TBC

  • Discussion on value of soil water within the system
  • Discussion on value of crop intensity for increasing profit
  • Discussion on making smart decisions to change intensity based on the season 

Guest speaker Dr Jeremy Whish - Farming Systems Researcher, CSIRO Agriculture & Food followed by Q & A 

For further details please contact

Penny Kelly - Northern Slopes Landcare Association 

Phone -  0438 353 682   or  email- coordinator@nsla.net.au

This project is supported by North West Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. Together with Northern Slopes Landcare Association and Welbon Plains Landcare.

Welbon Plains Landcare - Webinar Series


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Penny Kelly
Northern Slopes Landcare

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