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Youth on Purpose

Be moved by Stories of COURAGE of overcoming health challenge, drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, living with cancer and the stresses of environment.

Feel excited  when they share their health, business, community, hobby, work and career PASSIONS.

Be inspired by the difference they are making in their communities and the ripples of CONTRIBUTION they are making every day.

Topic: Courage to Contribution

Brief: 6 Inspirational young Speakers present on topics of

  • Wealth/Finance/Business - Andrew Morello - Winner of The Apprentice (Australia) now Head of Business Development Yellow Brick Road, Apprentice to Mark Bouris.
  • Health/Overcoming Challenge - Justin Mad Dog Morris - Diagnosed with Diabetes 1 became a Champion Mountain Bike Racer
  • Purpose & Contribution - 4 young speakers from Newcastle, Maitland and Sydney - Twinspiration Siobhan and Sam O'Toole, Andrew Marselos, Hayden Walsh

Hosted by Michelle Lee Youth Transformation Coach in Newcastle

Target Audience: 11 -25 year olds, parents, teachers, coaches, tutors, mentors, carers living in the Newcastle – Hunter region and beyond

Young people listen to young people . This impressive inspiring line -up is not to be missed!

Group Purchases - if you wish to buy 10 tickets or more, please ring Michelle on 0404 481 091 to organise a special deal of 10 + 1 FREE, 20 + 2 FREE etc


Where is it held?

At Souths Merewether - upstairs in the Winsor Terrace Event Room

46 Llewellyn Street   Merewether

What time does it start?

The speakers start at 6 pm sharp.

Please arrive at 530 for registration and to secure your free gift at the registration table.

The Treehouse Children band, a local young Newcastle band will be playing.

What time does it end?

The speaker section will end around 830-9, depending on how long the panel discussion will take.

Following this, there will be an opportunity for VIP guests to mingle with the speakers, and to grab a bite and drink. There will also be an opportunity to ask about future events, programs and books.

We expect to finish at 930 pm.

Do I have to book or can I just show up?

Bookings are essential.  Please book via the Sticky Tickets website on here.

How do I book?

Booking are all taken online via Sticky Tickets.

Can I bring my partner, parents, friends, children?

Absolutely! The more the merrier! For every 2 young people booked, mum/dad/carer/teacher gets a free ticket.

Please contact Michelle at or call her on 0404 481 091 to arrange.

What to expect:

The event hopes to inspire, educate, inform and give a general introduction to just some of the many life tools and skills we can all use to "do" life a lot easier.

You will be wowed by the courage, the passion and the energy of contribution displayed by all speakers on the night!

The young band The Treehouse Children will be playing from 530-6 then again at intermission.

At the end there is question time with the whole panel of speakers.

VIP guests are then welcome to chat one -on -one with the speakers, have a bite and a drink and to have a peek at the new book Ripples which will be posted to them after the event.

All guests are welcome to explore the sponsor stands and to grab any super specials Michelle and others will on offer for that evening only. While you’re looking, don’t forget to give us some feedback!

Do I have to bring anything with me?

No. There is no need to bring anything with. If you leave us your email address, we will email you a copy of some notes you may like to refer to in the future. Don’t worry, we promise not to spam!

All we ask is to keep an open mind and to get involved in any activity or discussions.

What will the speakers be talking about?

5 speakers have been chosen for the courage, passion and contribution they have shown and are still demonstrating in their lives. 

They wish to share their stories with you so you may hopefully be inspired by the resilience, choices and determination of these speakers aged 17-29.

Will there be opportunity to chat with the speakers on the night?

Yes.  A VIP ticket entitles you to a one-on one chat with the speakers at the end of the event.  You can also ask questions to the panel from the audience once all speakers have told their story.

I have bought a Standard Ticket. Can I upgrade my ticket at registration?

Certainly. Just ask at the Registration desk.

Will there be any follow-up courses or other from this event?

Yes. A couple of special mentoring/coaching opportunities will be offered on the night which will only be available to guests. 

What is the book Ripples about?

Ripples showcases 7 young Australians who are living life on their terms, who refuse to be victims of their environment, illness, or experiences.

Seven young inspiring individuals share their stories of courage, passion and contribution.Through their transformations, you will connect with the challenges, the celebrations, the decisions, and the uncertainty. These 7 individuals are making their own ripples in the world, inspiring others to “stand out” rather than to “fit in”. Their insights and wisdom are shifting the tide for us all. Featuring amongst them are 4 of the speakers at this event. Andrew Morello, Winner of The Apprentice and Justin “Mad Dog” Morris champion international cyclist who advocates internationally for Diabetes 1, as well as two now youth advocates, Hayden Walsh who overcame severe depression, drug and alcohol addiction and Andy Marselos whose journey involved many challenges including bullying and homelessness.

The book is currently being written and a VIP guest will get a copy as part of the price of the ticket.  It will be available in e-book or Kindle form, and will be printed in hard copy in the subsequent months.

A preview will be available on the night.

Books can be pre-ordered on the night.

Who is Michelle Lee?

Michelle Lee is a Transformational Youth Coach based in Newcastle.

She is passionate about helping empower youth aged 15-25 to live life ”on purpose” through the values of courage, passion and contribution.

There is nothing better than youth inspiring youth. Book your ticket now!