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This event is an interactive and informal workshop for those wanting to publish on LinkedIn. 

It is facilitated by Karen Hollenbach, one of Australia's leading LinkedIn specialists, who will provide her tips for what to consider when publishing on LinkedIn Pulse, whether it be repurposing your blog posts or writing original content. Karen will step you through how to add the headline, images, links and give you the confidence to hit the 'publish' button!

You will also hear insights from Graham Jenkins and his experience with consistently publishing on LinkedIn over the last 12 months. Graham is a Coach & Mentor to Newly Appointed CEOs and as a Chair with The Executive Connection, he mentors the CEOs of a diverse range of non-competing businesses. 

Purpose of Event:

Karen successfully ran this workshop in Melbourne in November, 2016, to encourage individuals to develop the confidence to publish on LinkedIn by allocating time in their schedule to sit down and either curate one of their popular website blog posts or write a debut post on LinkedIn Pulse.

Thursday 9th February, 9.30am - 12.00pm

19/1 Market Street, Sydney

Your Hosts

Karen Hollenbach, Founding Director, Think Bespoke

Why Publish on LinkedIn?

My experience with writing my weekly blog and choosing one of these to re-purpose monthly on LinkedIn has been a key platform for Think Bespoke's content marketing strategy. This disciplined and pragmatic focus on consistently sharing my insights has helped build my personal brand and established my reputation as a leading LinkedIn specialist, Social Media Strategist and Career Planner for individuals and organisations across Australia.

Publishing on LinkedIn is a great opportunity to find your voice and tell your story. I've published over 40 LinkedIn Pulse articles and blog every week at

Graham Jenkins, Coach & Mentor to Newly Appointed CEOs

As a Business Coach, Mentor and Executive Search Specialist, I help newly appointed CEOs navigate their professional journey.

Business success is built upon a logical strategy, clear objectives, sound communication and recruiting the right people. Your ability to believe in yourself, be courageous, invest & take calculated risks will influence your outcomes.

Graham has successfully started, built & sold three businesses. He also invests in businesses, helps them grow, coaches & mentors the owner to exit when the time is right. Along the way he's studied formal qualifications in Finance, Human Resources and Labour Law. And he's been a judge for the Telstra Business Awards for the last nine years.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Any profit from this event will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

I was first introduced to the ILF when I attended a charity event hosted by Readings, where Richard Flanagan spoke to Stan Grant about his book, Talking to My Country. This event raised over $20,000 for the ILF and so I was inspired to do what I could to contribute. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is a national charity that was founded and set up by members of the Australian book industry in 2005. It draws on the skills and expertise of the book industry to address children's literacy levels in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The ILF's work is done through three core programs: Book Supply, Book Buzz and Community Literacy Projects. The ILF also advocates to raise community awareness of Indigenous literacy issues.

Since 2011, the ILF has worked as a not-for-profit charity without any government support or major corporate funding. It works with the support of the Australian Publishers Association, the Australian Booksellers Association and the Australian Society of Authors, along with a team of ambassadors, volunteers, and five full-time staff members.