A Bloody Dickens Christmas at Yulefest Blue Mountains - Cancelled

at The George Boutique Hotel


Lady Dedlock: Aristocratic, icy cold, with a deadly secret. “Bleak House” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Estella: Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, sociopath. “Great Expectations” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Mr Dorrit: A snob with a past. “Little Dorrit” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Fagin: A vile hideous man with a trailing of boys. “Oliver Twist” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Miss Havisham: Mad woman left at the Altar. “Great Expectations” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Ebeneezer Scrooge: Cold-hearted miser. “A Christmas Carol” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Pip: Miss Havisham’s angry protégé. “Great Expectations” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Vincent Crummles: Theatre troupe leader, nasty habits.”Nicholas Nickleby” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Little Nell: A sweet girl, with murderous tendencies. “Old Curiosity Shop” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Sarah Gamp: Alcoholic midwife, accidents will happen. “Martin Chuzzlewit” $115.00 --Ticket sales closed--
** Includes Sticky Tickets booking fee.


This event has been cancelled. Please contact the event organiser for more details.

Event Link: https://www.stickytickets.com.au/49033 Event Cancelled