Lady Dedlock: Aristocratic, icy cold, with a deadly secret. “Bleak House” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Estella: Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, sociopath. “Great Expectations” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Mr Dorrit: A snob with a past. “Little Dorrit” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Fagin: A vile hideous man with a trailing of boys. “Oliver Twist” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Miss Havisham: Mad woman left at the Altar. “Great Expectations” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Ebeneezer Scrooge: Cold-hearted miser. “A Christmas Carol” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Pip: Miss Havisham’s angry protégé. “Great Expectations” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Vincent Crummles: Theatre troupe leader, nasty habits.”Nicholas Nickleby” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Little Nell: A sweet girl, with murderous tendencies. “Old Curiosity Shop” $115.00 --Sold Out--
Sarah Gamp: Alcoholic midwife, accidents will happen. “Martin Chuzzlewit” $115.00 --Sold Out--
** Includes Sticky Tickets booking fee.



A Murder Mystery Dinner.

You are invited to leap into the spirit of Christmas, and dress up as one of Charles Dickens’ characters – you might be Miss Havisham or Estella from Great Expectations, or perhaps you’ll play Mr. Bah Humbug himself, Ebenezer Scrooge of A Christmas Carol infamy.

Over a traditional 2-course Christmas dinner, you and your fellow Dickens character guests will sort through the clues and investigate who dunnit.

Perhaps YOU are the murderer!

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Every Friday in July 2017; at 7pm sharp.

This special Murder Mystery Dinner takes place during the famous Yulefest Blue Mountains season, Australia’s original Christmas-in-July.


In the Murder Room at The George Boutique Hotel, Blackheath.

The George is located in Blackheath, nestled in the Blue Mountains, about 15 minute’s drive from Katoomba and Leura – or half an hour from Lithgow. View a map.


There are only 10 tickets to each Dickens Murder Dinner.

Because we want to give as many people the opportunity to participate in this exclusive event, we encourage you to purchase one ticket each for yourself and one significant other, friend or family member etc. A maximum of 4 tickets may be purchased by any one person or group.

If you want to have your own Dickens Murder Dinner party, and invite your own group, you are welcome to book out an entire table of 10 on another night – depending on availability. To enquire about this option, contact us here.

Click Here to Book Now online, and choose which favourite Dickens character you will play; there are only 10 tickets available for each Murder Dinner

murder at the George

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