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    Tribe of the Tree™ flower essences are sourced from native Australian and international plants, and were developed by naturopath and channel Jayne Tancred, and energetic healer and complementary medicine specialist Scott Harris.

    Our products tap into the energetic vibration of the plants they're made from to offer insight and wisdom, delivered with a healthy dose of love and a touch of cheekiness. 

    Our popular Level 1 Training Workshop is open to everyone, but is particularly appropriate for natural therapists who are aware that energetic imbalances can play a major role in what’s going on for their clients.

    It’s also very beneficial training for people who work with our essences in a retail setting or are interested in starting.

    Our focus during the workshop is on helping you to identify and understand some of the most common patterns of energetic imbalance that you’re likely to encounter in your work (or yourself!). We also discuss ways that you can help your clients understand what’s going on for them and help them move forward.

    Along the way we’ll introduce you to the 14 flower essences in the Tribe of the Tree range.

    This workshop includes a combination of traditional teaching methods and specially channelled meditations, which are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the vibrational energy of the plants some of our most popular essences are made from.

    The meditations can be particularly powerful and moving – it’s common for workshop participants to experience profound shifts during them, and they also help you to get a deep understanding of the types of the way the essences work, and how they can help their clients.

    If our approach to healing resonates with you and you’re keen to learn more, we’d love it if you could join us at the workshop!

    EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT! Save $20 when you book by Sunday 24th September - just use the promo code EARLY when registering!

    Truly loved this course… a day of knowledge, heightened awareness, laughter, divine inspiration and connection… Scott & Jayne are truly inspirational, passionate and gifted… The real deal. Looking forward to Level 2! Scott A, Spiritual healer

    Thank you so much for today's seminar - one of the most enjoyable I've ever attended. Looking forward to working with the essences and sharing them with my clients, friends and family.  Carole G, Massage therapist

    I enjoyed deepening my connection with the essences, and ... now feel more confident to recommend and prescribe them. Louise K, Shamanic healer

    The meditations really helped me to connect with the energies. Very powerful! I loved the whole thing. Thank you very much, I feel very blessed and honoured and supported. Sandy B, Bowen therapist

    It was fun, informative, and great energy - thank you! Shan W, Remedial therapist

    EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT! Save $20 when you book by Sunday 24th September - just use the promo code EARLY when registering!

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