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We live in a world where we chase that imaginary finishing line, we continuously feel time poor, we feel ashamed as we don’t spend the time we want with our family, we push our life and dreams to tomorrow, but that day never arrives, and we are often left feeling unfulfilled and empty—I understand it all too well as it was me not so many years ago.

To live immediately means to take control of your days and live a deliberate life. I have loved the journey of growth I have been on with my family to structure our life so we can live immediately.

I have learnt to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and to embrace the unknown, but these qualities have been developed and worked on through a number of methods that I am excited to share with you.

I have filled this workshop with as many of the practical lessons I have learnt and incorporated into my own life. In this hands-on, interactive half-day workshop, you will learn the strategies that I use so you can:

  • Create personal change
  • Push through fear
  • Take control of your time
  • Align your life with your values
  • Be mindful about your money
  • And ultimately to have fun and live immediately

This is not a sit and listen event. Everyone who attends will receive a workbook that I have created so we can dive deep into your personal journey. We will work through what you truly value and what is holding you back from living the life you want. You will leave with ideas and strategies to implement into your life that day.

This half-day, interactive workshop is only $89. But as it is more fun going on a journey of growth with someone—and it is always beneficial to have a friend or partner to help guide you and keep each other accountable—you can bring a friend for only $10.

This workshop delves into many topics and to keep it personable and intimate, spots will be limited to only 20 people.

There is no magic wand, and you will be asking yourself some tough and potentially uncomfortable questions. But the outcome, if you’re willing to make some changes in your life, can be quite rewarding and fun.

  • Date: Saturday April 29
  • Time: 2pm—6pm
  • Venue: Hunter Design School, 67 Parry St, Newcastle (opposite The Edwards)
  • Cost: $89 and bring friend for $10 (two people for $99)

I hope to see you there, and I look forward to helping you live immediately.

Have fun

mike x

Hunter Design School

67 Parry Street Newcastle West Newcastle 2302, Australia

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Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell

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