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A workshop all about Delicious sweet treats! How good is that?

Well, let me tell you how good it is....

In this workshop we chat all about easy swaps that you can make to ensure your snacks are of the highest nutrition standard while still being incredibly delicious, simple to make and.... let's face it - impressive! Eating healthy is not about deprivation and I'm here to teach you how you can indulge smarter - these are recipes that the whole family will love (I promise).

What are we going to make?

  • My basic chocolate recipe
  • How to use the basic chocolate recipe to create some really yummy treats (nut butter cups, crunchy choc-bark etc)
  • My super easy throw it all in Cacao-Coconut balls AND my famous Goji & Macadamia balls
  • Finally it's play time! I'm going to help you to create your very own signature bliss ball! We'll play with flavours, techniques and get our hands dirty (delicious work!)

This work shop is all about teaching you to feel confident to make your own treats at home, with common ingredients and without relying on a recipe. I'm going to be sharing all my little tricks and tips for making sweet treats - including storing them, where to find ingredients, which ingredients are best and how to then use these simple techniques to adjust any recipes to create healthier versions of your favorites.

So come and join me (or be a host and I'll come to you & your friends!) and let me share with you some of the joys of eating nutrient dense foods. You'll walk away with some treats and a mind bursting with ideas!

Or to host this event at your place...

A great chance to have some fun with friends in the comfort of your own home. I'll come to you and bring all the ingredients! We'll use the equipment that you have in your kitchen, this way you can see just how simple it is and that you definitely do not need any fancy gadgets!

The cost to hold an at home cooking workshop is $320 (which if you have 8 people is $40 each - or less if you have more friends join you). Please note for any travel over 30 minutes (basically outside of the Clare Valley, South Australia) I charge $10 per hour.

If you would love to host a workshop, I would absolutely love to come to your place and share it with you. The next step is to get in touch to discuss a suitable date - drop me an email: erin@spunkyguts.com 

My Place - Sevenhill, South Australia

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Erin Parish
Erin Parish

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