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Step right up to Sydney's one and only The Newsagency to be taken back in time with The Old Married Couple and A Couple More as they release their album 'Welcome to The Music Hall' with a huge Vaudeville celebration. The band will be joined with a vaudeville variety lineup including Drag Queen Amanda Vided and Burlesque performer Rosie Rivette and more TBA.
Settle in for an assault on the senses as you laugh, cry and cringe in this Vaudeville Variety Music Hall Show.

The Old Married Couple
THE OLD MARRIED COUPLE are the faces of new vintage, playing Dixieland style music with a vaudevillian twist that would be at home as much in the Music Halls of the 19th century as they are in the 21st century. Riley and Katie are young married pair in their 20’s but they’re vintage in style and sound. The Old Married Couple combine a witty songwriting style with a distinctive kazoo and fun infused sound that takes influences from Dixieland, skiffle, swing and music hall and presents it all with a vaudevillian tongue planted firmly in cheek.

“If you didn’t know any better, you may think The Old Married Couple were plucked from the 1920s Jazz/Vaudeville crowd, transported to the 1960s Folk/Country/Blues scene and finally made their way to the early 21st Century Indie Music arena. Perhaps they have settled down somewhere within the same city limits as Pokey Lafarge and The Ditty Bops while listening to Cole Porter on the gramophone.” – Adam Selzer

Rosie Rivette

Rosie Rivette is vintage inspired comedienne, heavily influenced by the Queens of quirk such as Lucille Ball and Dame Edna Everage. Miss Rivette is predominantly known for her animated and comedic style of tease, she loves to build a fantasy, and when you least expect it, she'll punch it where it hurts! So hold onto your gonads folks, and get ready for eroticism in its most confusing form yet!

Amanda Vided

After winning her debut competition, this weird and wonderful queen has gone from strength to strength. From starring in the 'Rocky Horror Drag Show' to performing for the infamous ChiChi LaRue, is very much on the rise to sydney stardom. The weird, wonderful queen will be bringing her personal brand of entertainment to you

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