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Saturday 21 October 2017 9:00am to 7:30pm

Sunday 22 October 2017 8:00am to 5:30pm

If you are considering booking accommodation at the Crowne Plaza for the event, just mention that you are attending the Oneness event The Source and Synchronicities and you will receive 15% off the lowest rate at the hotel. This applies to bookings for the 20th, 21st and 22nd October made direct with the hotel.

See below for more information regarding parking, accommodation options etc

But first catch this feedback from participants who have just experienced this program in Europe:

Here is a brain surgeon's feedback after attending this course in South America:

"What an incredible course. New from any point of view. The teachings were so new - in health, not even I as a doctor had heard of this information. Everyone I spoke to at the end of the 2-day program was impressed, excited  and amazed with the breakthrough content, meditation and experiences."

"I can tell you that it is AMAAAZINGGG. It is profound, simple, clear AND POWERFUL. Understanding more deep the way we have to go!! We should not lose this opportunity. It is beyond anything experienced before!! It is new, fresh.

- Solange Gerona from Uruguay attending the program in Spain.

"This course is TRULY AMAZING - this will be a Huge Hit World Over!! Thank you sooo much Phenomenon, Thank you for this!!"
- Anette Carlstrom, Sweden

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And here is feedback from past participants of the previous Oneness University Phenomenon & the Gift program:

Here are the words of Maria Kuchel who experienced the recent precursor event, the "Phenomenon & the Gift" event in Adelaide on 26th & 27th August: "What an amazing experience attending the P&G for the third time. Each event has been a different experience where the teachings have become so much clearer. The energy has permeated deeper Into my consciousness where I feel that I am living & breathing the path of Oneness. It was so nurturing to be around like minded people. I felt elevated into a state of complete joy – bliss and so much gratitude. I recommend doing the P&G again & again if you are able to."

And Katherine Pearson said:"I'm so grateful for experiencing my 3rd P&G in Adelaide last weekend. Each P&G has opened and gifted me more - deeper - fuller - more, so much more. More joy, more awareness, more fun, love, truth - life. In experiencing more, uncovering another layer, feeling more present with my Divine I know I’ve expanded and found a deeper peace. I see the image of a flower opening to the light - the Sun. I am that beautiful unique flower and each opportunity to be in that immense light, magnified by the group energy is a blessing. By Sunday evening, as we were leaving, if you'd said 'Let's do it again' tomorrow (and I wish you had) I would have said yes, celebrated in bliss and taken leave from work! At my 3rd P&G I no longer felt the need to take notes which, for me, was a first. I knew I would receive the gifts I needed - it wasn't the words that would show me the way or tell me the way or what I needed to change - it is the gift of 2 days of Divine love and expansive consciousness and healing. My immense gratitude to the India and Australia teams - we are Blessed. Words can't really describe or express the gift given and received. Let's Do It Again!!!

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And watch this video CLICK HERE

This is the new 2-day course by Oneness in place of the previous The Phenomenon & the Gift program. This will be the first time this brand new course has been offered in the Oceania region.

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Life can, at times, feel like a boxing match with endless rounds of throwing and receiving punches. There are times we doubt if the universe is conspiring against us or perhaps intending to teach us a lesson.

Alternatively life can also be a great adventure with surprises and
delights at every turn. You greet the vast unknown not with fear but
with faith and excitement. Life events unfold in such mysterious
ways. You begin to wonder why the universe is choosing to be
so benevolent to you. This is a blessed life.

The Source and Synchronicities is a powerful course that will
open you to a magical life of synchronicities

What are synchronicities?

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Synchronicities
are beautiful, favorable and harmonious occurrences that
happen in alignment with your intention. It feels as if this
randomly moving universe is arranging itself in patterns in response
to your heart’s longing and bringing together beautiful people and situations to support you.

When you experience 1 magical event you call it chance or coincidence. When 2 of these happen you say you got lucky. When they happen for a period of time you say fortune has favored you.

When they happen every day and happen with incredible frequency, we say you have entered a magical life of synchronicities.

Enter a Life of Synchronicities

. At the ‘Source and Synchronicities’, you will experience an ultimate fusion of the Power of the Source and the Power of Consciousness.
.The Source has been addressed by numerous names through time - as the divine, a sacred presence, cosmic consciousness or as universal intelligence. In this course, you will lock into the Source to access Limitless Power
.Consciousness is the very ground of all existence. It is the fundamental essence of all that is. In this course you will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities through awakening to the Power of Consciousness.
.You will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities directly from Preethaji - the Chief Mentor of O&O Academy.
.You will master the 3 important zones of synchronicity – healing zone to experience physical heath and rejuvenation, love zone to attract and sustain love, power zone to create and enjoy abundance.
.You will be empowered with a transcendental practice to create synchronicities.

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Parking is available at back of the Crowne Plaza Hotel @ $15.00 per day. Entrance to the Car Park is off Colombo Street.

PARKING is also available at Wilsons Car Park 772-774 Colombo Street just opposite the Crowne Plaza for $6 per day and at Wilsons Car Park 173 Gloucester Street for $6 per day (5 minute walk from Hotel)

A variety of EATING PLACES are located 5 minutes walk from the Hotel in Victoria Street and 3 minutes walk from the Hotel in New Regent Street.


YOUTH HOSTEL. 36, Hereford Street. phone 3799536 10 min walk

YOUTH HOSTEL. 5, Worcester Blvd. ph 3666564 10min walk

YMCA. 12, Hereford Street (opp botanic gardens) $55-$95 per night ph 3650502 20 min walk

There are a variety of HOME STAYS between 1-4km away. $40-$100 per night.


Grange Guest House Motel 56, Amagh Street. ph 3662850 6 min walk

Centre Point on Colombo 859, Colombo Street ph 3770859 8 min walk

Breakfree on Cashel 165, Cashel Street ph 0800448891 9 min walk via Manchester St

136 on Bealey Ave 136, Bealey Ave ph 3660582 12 min walk

Bella Vista Motel and Apartments 193, Bealey Ave ph 0800235528 14 min walk

At the Right Place 87, Bealey Ave ph 3661633 15 min walk

Hotel Carlton Mill 15, Bealey Ave ph 3661068 17 min walk

Ashford Motor Lodge 35, Papanui Rd Merivale ph 3553416 19 min walk via Victoria St

Adelphi Motel 49,Papanui Rd Merivale ph 3556037 19 min walk via Victoria St

Colonial Inn Motel 43, Papanui Road Merivale ph 3559139 19 min walk via Victoria St

Southern Comfort Motels 53, Bealey Ave. Ph 3660383 20 min walk

SOUTHWARK APARTMENTS 25 Southwark Street ph 3777083 16 min walk via Manchester St

Event ImageMap of central Christchurch (any hotel prices are purely indicative & to be confirmed)

What people around the world are saying about Oneness...

"We have been privileged to experience the Oneness Blessings and teachings of 'Oneness', which have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be integrated with all in our relationships." HUGH JACKMAN ACTOR, PRODUCER & MUSICIAN-AUSTRALIA

"Oneness gives us life's ultimate gift, an opportunity for deeper and richer relationships, with those we love, our creator, and even ourselves. I have shared this with many of my platinum members.” TONY & SAGE ROBBINS

Tony and Sage Robbins

"The Oneness experience is a powerful catalyst to open to your personal relationship to the Divine - whatever that means for you. The consistent joy and ease it brings to your life is exciting and inspiring." MARIEL HEMMINGWAY - Actress, Activist - USA

Mariel Hemingway

Crowne Plaza Hotel Christchurch - Golden Fleece Room

764 Colombo Street Christchurch New Zealand

Organiser Information

Lisa and Pasquo Cassetta
Oneness Oceania
+61 414 935 538

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