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We are now surrounded by long list of modern day toxic chemicals in our homes and the personal care products that are impacting on our health.  These poisons and potions are playing their role in making us sick and are linked with the increase in disease like breast cancer, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems and even infertility. Even at “so called” normal levels these chemicals contribute to diseases such as fatigue, depression, stress and anxiety and are linked with diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer and weight gain.

This presentation will change your attitudes to many things around you and your home, how you clean and what you put on your skin and empower you to make some simple changes to improve your health. We’ll show you that with a few simple modifications you can easily improve the health status of your home, your wellbeing and that of your family.

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Dr Dingle presents cutting-edge science in a bold, courageous, humourous and straight-shooting manner. He will keep you spellbound with Cutting Edge research findings in a powerful yet accessible, down-to-earth manner—with the occasional spontaneous magic trick or juggling display thrown in!

Dr Peter Dingle is known both in Australia and around the world as one of the most impactful and engaging thought leaders in the Health and Wellness Movement. He is the author of 15 books including his latest “Dangerous Beauty the truth about cosmetics and personal care products” with more than 1000 scientific studies and lots of information for you to take control of your health. 

Some of his other book include  “Is Your Home Making You Sick, How toxic is your sunscreen? and The Great Cholesterol Deception”. Dr D has appeared on the Media for the last 20 years as expert in environmental health issues and presented in the award winning 7 week TV series shown on SBS and now around the world “Is your home killing you” and has been a regular on current affairs programs such as Today Tonight and ABC programs like “Can we help” and Compass and featured on 4 corners and the 7.30 report

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