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Learn how to write online content ... then leverage it!


It's time to write content that rocks and then turn that content into ca$h and make it work harder for you (rather than you always doing the hard work!).

If this sounds like a great idea to you (and you a a savvy business owner or entrepreneur who wants the ramp it up this year) ... then my brand spanking new workshop "Turn content into ca$h in 5 easy steps" is your ticket to building the business your dreams.

It will help you write content to...

- Stand out and shine online.

- Attract beautiful clients (business besties) every time.

- Generate 5x more quality (HOT) leads.

- 10x your profile (to gain the most amazing opportunities).


- and more sales (7x more sales in a matter of hours!)

All of this will help you grow the business of your dreams ... whatever that means to you!

Now ...

I get it. Content writing and creation is hard. 

It's time consuming and it can be painful.

And then once you have spent all this time on writing what you think is the perfect piece of content.

NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. Zero. Sad face.

You keep chipping away because that's what everyone tells you to do ... but one day, you can't take it any more and you just want to give up. 

Or ... if you do have some luck, it doesn't last very long and it's back to the crickets again.

Maybe ...

- Your content doesn't rank well in search.

- No one is reading it.

- If they do read it, you are worried you'll get negative comments.

- You don't feel confident in putting yourself out there.

- You don't know what to write about, how to write it or who to write it to.

- It's taking up waaaay too much of your time.

- No leads and definitely no sales.

- Gosh, you probably don't even know where to start.

Don't worry, I've been there too, let me assure you. I have made some doozy mistakes in my decades of being a writer and plenty more a business owner!

Please let me teach you how to write awesome online content that connects with your readers first and foremost.

In this online workshop, you will learn:

1. The No.1 HUGE issue facing business owners in 2018 when it comes to online content (so you can avoid it!).

2. The BEST THING I did to grow my profile, get more speaking opportunities, guest blogging opportunities, clients and sales.

3. The top 5 words you should NEVER (EVER) use in your content writing. EVER.

4. The 5 steps to write content that turns into more clients, opportunities, leads and revenue, and...

5. A SURPRISE you are going to want to know about...it will help you reach that elusive 6-figure business or explode your successful business into multiple 6 and 7-figures.

Plus soooo much more in our 3.5 hours together. 

They’re all raving about it!

This workshops are  hailed by small business owners as "like nothing else they ever been to". (that warms my heart!).

Here’s what they’ve got to say. (100 per cent of attendees say the relevance, content, presentation and overall enjoyment was EXCELLENT!)

“Difficult to say what was most beneficial…fabulous presentation and delivery.”

“The content was great, loved it and the guest speaker.”

“It was great and very timely”.

This workshop is your ticket to boost your business using online content you write yourself (save thousands of dollars!).

This is how you stand out generate leads and take your biz to the next level.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, want to improve your online presence and get more leads sign up today!

When: 9.30-1pm

Investment: $77 is a small investment to learn something new that can boost your profile and business in ways your can only imagine.

So come write with us!

Want to know anything else? Please get in touch today at liz@ ecwritingservices.com

About Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell is The Word Stylist. She's loved writing ever since she was 4 years old and penned her first book. A published journalist at 14, Elizabeth had a 15-year marriage to the media as a journalist and editor working with international and independent companies. The creator and founder of EC Writing Services and the author of the book WOW Words on the Web, she now specialises in helping small businesses look good online and teaching people how to write online content that rocks.

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