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Would you like to 

reverse ageing, diabetes, blocked arteries, cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, pain, fatigue and more. Well you can.

Based on his newest book "Overcoming illness"  Peter Dingle PhD shows you how all illness is linked with inflammation, oxidation and acidosis and how you can reverse these to regain your health.

Our society is the sickest it has ever been. In our 50s most of us will have a heart attack or stroke have diabetes, get cancer are overweight or obese and taking 2 to 10 legal drugs each day, we have less energy and feel sicker than ever before, we pay more for medical treatments each year and this is considered normal.

Despite what you are told, we do know what causes this chronic illness and we know how to stop it. It is no coincidence that our ancestors were virtually free from chronic illness such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer. The disease triad is oxidation, inflammation and acidosis. These three conditions go hand in hand with each other and every form of chronic illness.

In this short and entertaining presentation you will learn you will walk away with simple steps to reduce your chronic illness and regain your health.

If we continue to do what we have done and continue to get sicker and sicker.


"This will give you a wake up call; sparking you into serious action to optimise your health. It is a must for anyone who is sick and tired of living their current illness riddled life and knows there is a better, safer, healthier way of living." 
- Dr. Daniel Lombardo (PhD Medicinal Chemistry)

"In a world full of confusing, conflicting and contradictory information, “Overcoming Illness” offers a persuasive argument for reconnecting with the innate wisdom of our own bodies in order to better understand and manage our own health."
- Catherine Weber, Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Heritage Community Centre

445 Charles Street North Perth Vincent 6006, Australia

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Peter Dingle
Dingle Wellness

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