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Waste Less Gourmet Lunch

REMEMBER a time when we knew our neighbours, we all had gardens and we shared what we harvested from these gardens?

Nothing was wasted, resources were shared and everyone knew and supported each other.

It's time we got back to this.

Chef Matt Golinski - View Restaurant Peppers is creating a sensational gourmet meal without creating any waste.

Enjoy a complimentary glass of house wine while learning from Matt about the 3-course menu he has put together for us using fresh local produce from top to toe.

Imagine, you can start with Cooloola milk, churn it into butter for your bread, ricotta for stuffing the spatchcock and whey to poach your ocean trout in. Finally, the by-product from making the butter is buttermilk that goes into the scrumptious dessert. No waste!!

Guest speaker - Helen Andrews from Spare Harvest

Dietary Requirements - Please contact Diana on

Event Link: Sales Closed