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PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 four week intakes starting on the session dates 

With a very unusual year in 2020 wouldn't you agree? 

It is now time to look forward and plan our business for 2021.
I bet that sounds a wee bit daunting doesn’t it? You probably sat down at the end of 2019 or early 2020 and put your plans in place for your business only to see it unravel or your business took on a completely different direction. I know for my business it certainly did. My Connect Her business took a stumble backwards for a short time and then got back up and moved in directions that had been thought about but never followed. My coaching business took off as businesswomen struggled with what was going on in their business, their lives and their mental health.

I get asked on many occasions how I managed to keep the balls in the air with my business and how I managed to grow a 12 month old business during lock down. Yes, my coaching business has been around since 2008 but Connect Her was relatively new, in fact on the 12 month anniversary we held our first Zoom online networking meeting. We didn't pivot we built a bridge to further opportunities.

This course has been designed around how I built and grew my business in the first twelve months and through a pandemic.

Yes, I bet you see lots of courses advertising

Make your first 6 figure income this year
Get 10,000 new clients
Build your database in an hour
Make money online

What this course is NOT!

You know all the shock and enticing headlines. I am here to let you know this course is not going to guarantee you stuff of elusive dreams. It’s not going to over promise and not give you the nuts and bolts. Nope, sorry, if you are looking for that type of course head over to Facebook and grab one of those sponsored ads.

This course is different, it is delivered live, it is hands on and there is homework. Yep, if you really want to get a kick start and be ready for whatever 2021 dishes up, there is work to be done. There is no magic bullet, there is no short cut to success. There is homework, assessment and stretching your brain.

What the course covers:
  • Are you talking to the right people?
  • Who are your people?
  • What do you want from your business?
  • What are you worth?
  • Sustainable Business model
  • Easy one page business plan
  • Your Offer
  • Pivot & Opportunity
  • Marketing Plan
  • I can do this
During the course you are going to discover who are your people, how your pricing affects you and your business and probably challenge you along the way. You will be driven to consider different elements, different thinking processes and come away from the course with a plan for the year ahead and be prepared for what may lay ahead in 2021.  

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Lee Cummins
Lee Cummins

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