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Expect high drama on low seas as SUICIDE COUINTRY Hour attempt to simultaneously alienate and win the affections of the crowd. There’s a good chance the singers will break up the band on stage. Let’s face it, they’re probably only staying together until the rhythm section moves out. You will be taken to the dizzying heights of unbridled ego, to the crushing depths of alternative country music. Can they keep it together? Solid maybe.

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HILLSBOROUGH have been peddling their own brand of alt-country/blues at bars and festivals around Queensland. The culmination of years treading the boards at live music venues around the globe, Phil and Beata started the group as a side project to Brisbane’s Psych/Garage machine Sacred Shrines, with inspiration mined from a wide range of sources - from Outlaw Country to 60’s West Coast Psychedelia and beyond. Hillsborough’s sad cowboy songs feature stripped back guitar wrangling, vintage keys and classic harmonies.

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