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Can you find your answer instantly in our FAQs? If not, visit Customer Support. We'd love to help.

  • How much does it cost to hold an event?

    With Sticky Tickets, you only pay for what you need. There is just one small booking fee per ticket sold- no percentage payments or hidden costs.


    The booking fee is calculated on the price of your tickets, and you choose whether to add this to the customer’s ticket price, or to simply deduct it from your ticket sales. If you hold an event which is free to attend, then no booking fees apply at all. 

    Please refer to our Pricing Schedule for further details.

  • What can Sticky Tickets be used for?

    No event is too big or too small for Sticky Tickets! From a meeting for 4 to a gala ball for thousands, we can help you do it all.

    Here are just a few examples:

    • Business breakfasts / lunches
    • Seminars & training workshops
    • Festivals
    • Private parties / teenage parties
    • Charity & fundraising events (check out the rebates you may be eligible for))
    • Theatre events
    • School events of all sorts (see our educational rebate)
    • Reunions
    • Music gigs

    • Comedy nights
    • Sports events or presentation nights
    • Scouts / Guides events
    • Product launches

    If you have any questions about listing your event, please contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to help.

  • Why is Sticky Tickets on my credit card?

    To save on unnecessary expenses, many of our customers use our event registration software and merchant account to sell tickets for their events. When you buy one of these tickets, your credit card statement will show Sticky Tickets as the merchant (rather than the name of the event).


    If you would like to know which event the purchase was for, please send through the following information using our contact us page 


    · First six and last three digits of your credit card number

    · Date of transaction

    · Amount of transaction 


    Once we receive this information we’ll contact you via email within 48 hours.

  • How does Sticky Tickets handle GST?

    GST obligations must be handled by the event organiser. If you select Registered for GST, then remember to include a charge for GST when setting your ticket prices. All funds will be transferred to you (less booking fees).


    When a ticket is purchased, a tax invoice will be sent to the purchaser itemising the GST component of the ticket price. If you don’t select Registered for GST then a receipt will be sent to the purchaser which will state that there is no GST in the ticket price.

    Please note: Sticky Tickets includes GST in the booking fee. Once you have successfully completed your event, you will be sent a receipt for the total booking fees paid including GST. You can claim this GST in your next BAS.


  • Is Sticky Tickets an Australian company?

    Yes. Sticky Tickets is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated. Where possible, we support other Australian businesses by sourcing locally based products and services.

  • Is the Sticky Tickets website secure?

    Yes. All communication is encrypted using SSL (certificate provided by GeoTrust), the most widely used website security technology. When information is encrypted it remains private during transmission.


    All credit card processing is carried out through MasterCard Payment Gateway Services or SecurePay gateway providers. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Since 2013 Sticky Tickets has been fully PCI compliant, which is reviewed on an annual basis.

  • How do I get a refund or transfer my ticket(s)?

    All refunds and transfer requests are handled by the event organiser. Whether you're registered as a Member in our website or you bought your tickets as a Guest, you can request a refund or transfer your tickets to another event. To find out how to submit a refund request, please click here. To find out how to submit a transfer ticket request, please click here.

  • What forms of payment are accepted by Sticky Tickets?

    You can pay for your ticket (s) online with VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Please note that AMEX transactions will incur an additional 1.75% surcharge, payable by the ticket purchaser.


    Depending on the event organiser, you might also be able to pay via phone or fax, in cash or via cheque or direct deposit. You can contact the organiser to ask by going to the event page to the 'Ask the Organiser' tab on the right of the page.

  • What about free events?

    Events that are free to attend do not attract any charges. Your attendees simply register their names for free and you get full use of all the event tools including e-tickets and event reports.

  • Is there a check-in app to scan tickets as attendees arrive?

    Yes, Sticky Tickets has a free Check-in app available from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

    This will enable you to scan e-tickets (at multiple entry points) using your favourite digital device, to get people through the door faster. Just some of the benefits are:

    • Wireless ticket scanning with your Android and iOS devices 
    • Easily validate ticket bar-codes using the camera on your device 
    • Look up and check-in attendees off a list- search by first name, last name, email or browse the list 
    • Check in time at the door reduced by allowing a 'Check in All' feature, so you can check in all tickets automatically under the one booking 
    • Check-in attendees using multiple devices at the same time 
    • View attendance statistics in real time

     Compatible devices: iPhone 4s or newer, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini and Android Devices version 

    2.2 and up.

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  • The Sticky Tickets Charity Rebate

    Sticky Tickets supports your cause...

    At Sticky Tickets we feel it’s important to help out where we can, and what better way than to donate financially to your cause.  If you are a registered charity, we will be pleased to donate back 20% of the total credit card booking fees (including AMEX) for your event.

    Say for example you sell 50 of your $50 tickets and your total booking fees amount to $175 – we will donate back $35 of those fees.

    All you have to do is show you are recognised by the ATO as a registered charity and apply wherever possible before your event goes live.

    Find out more

  • Does Sticky Tickets offer any other rebate?

    Yes, we offer a 10% rebate to educational institutions, sporting clubs and not for profit/community organisations. We recognise the challenges faced by these groups and the great work that they do, which is why we like to help out where we can.

    Once approved we offer a rebate of 10% on the total credit card booking fees (including AMEX) for the event. You can still choose whether or not you add the booking fee to the ticket price, or include it in the cost.

    So for example, if you sell 50 of your $50 tickets and your total booking fees amount to $175 – we will refund $17.50 of those fees.

    For more details on how to apply just click on the relevant link below:

    Educational Institutions

    Sporting Clubs

    Not For Profit/Community Organisations

  • We are a government agency and require an invoice before ticket sales are transferred

    Sticky Tickets are able to hold onto ticket payments until you issue an invoice for the relevant amount.

    Please ensure you let us know before posting your event, so that we can change the settings in your account (this only applies to your first event). Then once your event is complete, just send an invoice to for the total amount owing.

    Please note: You still need to complete the standard bank verification process before the invoice can be paid.

  • What benefits do I get as an organiser?

    You enjoy a range of benefits as an event organiser with Sticky Tickets, the biggest being the saving of time and the ease of listing, managing, selling tickets to and promoting your event, all in one place. 

    • We have been in business since 2007 and are Australian owned and operated
    • We are trusted by thousands of event organisers
    • Well over 3.5 million tickets sold 
    • Our website is secure and PCI compliant (PCI is a global standard which insures the protection of critical data over the web)
    • Simple to use website- you can set up an event within minutes
    • Simple fee structure, no hidden costs, you only pay for what you use
    • Great customer service through multiple channels- phone, email and live chat for extended hours
    • Regular new feature releases
    • The only charge is for purchases with a credit card. Where there is no cost (ie free registration) there is no fee. 

    Some of our standard features are...

    • An event web page which is easy to set-up and include logos, images and ticketing information. 
    • A personalised organiser page with an overview of your business, committee or cause and a listing of all your current Sticky Tickets events. 
    • A tool to help you customise the look and feel of your pages and to match your website if you have one. 
    • The ability to list as many events as you like at any one time. 
    • Create different ticket types such as early bird pricing, member/non-member pricing, group packages, donations, table bookings and more. 
    • Create subticket ticket types, a great way to offer a product or up sell another event on the proviso that a main ticket is bought with it.
    • All credit card processing is handled by Sticky Tickets, so there's no need to worry about merchant facilities or security.  
    • Assign Sticky Tickets to automatically email the e-ticket and tax receipt for you when a customer makes a purchase. 
    • Log in to your private event account to view how many tickets have been sold, reports and to export a list of attendees.  
    • Add people manually to the attendance list if they pay you offline (via cash/cheque/direct deposit) or if you would like to give away some discounted or complimentary tickets.  
    • Free ticket scanning app available for Android and IOS devices
    • Ability to create a seating plan so ticket purchasers can select their own seat or table
    • Send out SMS/ Email reminders to stay in touch with attendees 
    • MailChimp integration
    • Webhooks
    • Facebook Pixel Integration
    • Facebook Event Integration
    • There are many more features- if you have any questions or to see how we can help with your event, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to help.
  • How can I process arrivals at my event?

    You have a number of options for checking-off tickets at your event:

    • By name 
    • By ticket number 
    • By barcode 

    We also have a free Check-in app available from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store

    This will enable you to scan e-tickets on a mobile device and check your attendees in and out of your event.

    Additional Resources

    Setting up the Check-in App for the first time
    Using the Check-in App to scan tickets

  • How do I create my first event on Sticky Tickets?

    Our step-by-step wizard makes setting up your first event a breeze. Take a look at our Starter's Guide

  • When do I receive the revenue from my ticket sales?

    All revenue from your ticket sales is deposited directly into your nominated bank account (minus booking fees) at the conclusion of your event.* 

    We do however understand that funds are sometimes needed before an event is held to pay suppliers, therefore you can apply for the Payment Request Feature and request a portion of your ticket sales in advance. There is an application fee of $49 incl. GST payable per organiser. If approved, all of your events will have this feature.

    Please note: You will be requested to sign a personal guarantee and to provide 100 points of identification. 

    * This is industry standard, with very few ticketing providers releasing sales before an event as there are restrictions placed upon us in order to protect ticket purchasers from purchasing tickets to an event that is not held. 

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  • I need to be paid before my event finishes

    All revenue from your ticket sales are deposited directly into your nominated bank account (minus booking fees) at the conclusion of your event.  This is industry standard, with very few ticketing providers releasing sales before an event, as there are restrictions placed upon us in order to protect ticket purchasers from purchasing tickets to an event which is never held.  We do understand however that sometimes suppliers/venues etc need to be paid before an event, therefore we have the Payment Request Feature, which provides you with the ability to access 50% of ticket sales.

    If you require funds to be transferred prior to the event, you can apply for the Payment Request Feature and receive up to 50% of your ticket sales in advance. There is an application fee of $49 incl. GST payable per organiser. If approved, all of your events will have this feature.


    How to apply:

    • Fill out the application form and 
    • Also send a scanned copy of your driver’s license (front and back) and 2 utility bills with the same address as your license.
    • Pay a $49 processing fee (only billed if your application is approved)


    If approved, a "Payment Request" tab will appear on your event summary page. For details on how to request funds once you've been approved, please see the request a payment page.

    If you have any questions regarding payment or anything else, please contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to help.

  • How many events can I run at the same time?

    You can run as many events as you like at any one time. 

    If you do have multiple events running at the same time, you might like to create your own Organiser Page, which lists all current events and is updated automatically. The URL always remains the same so you can send ticket purchasers here to see all events. Please contact us if you have any questions and we'd be happy to help.

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  • How many different ticket types can I create?

    Sticky Tickets allows for as many different ticket types and prices as you like, and can be set up in many ways. Some examples are: single tickets, group tickets, reserved seats/tables, discounted tickets and also a bulk ticket purchase discount. You can also control the start and end times of ticket sales, which allows you to create an early bird ticket if needed. To find out more about this, please click here. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like any further information.

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  • How do my attendees receive their tickets and receipts?

    You can assign Sticky Tickets to email e-tickets and tax receipts for you when a customer purchases online. If you’re not providing tickets or you want to send them via an alternate method, you can just deactivate the email ticket option when you set up your event.


    Please note: As the organiser you will receive email copies of all tickets sold and receipts.

     If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support and we'd be happy to help.

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    How do I resend a ticket order?

  • What does an e-ticket and receipt look like?

    When a customer purchases a ticket to an event, we send them a confirmation email on your behalf, including the purchase details and PDF attachments of the e-tickets and receipt. Click here (see attachments below)

    If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at support and we'd be happy to help.

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  • How can people find my event on the Sticky Tickets website?

    People can find your event page on our site through:

    • The Sticky Tickets homepage – if you mark your event as searchable  
    • The Sticky Tickets search engine

    Or, if you’re sending out a flyer or invitation, you can include your own unique URL to send people directly to your event web page and allow them to purchase.

    Please contact us at support any time if you have any questions and we'd be happy to help.

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    Can I keep my event private / for invites only?

  • Can I keep my event private / for invites only?

    You can restrict access so your event web page is only viewable to those you invite. When you are setting up your event you will come across a check box in the 'Privacy' section, asking whether you wish to make your event searchable. Simply leave this box unchecked and your event will only be seen by those invited.

  • I haven’t received my ticket revenue as a deposit in my bank account?

    We require you to complete a bank verification process before you start receiving money from your ticket sales.

    Double check that you have:

    • Correctly entered your bank account details. 
    • Received your 1 cent deposit from Sticky Tickets and entered the deposit reference number into your organiser admin area.

    You can view if 1 cent has been deposited to your nominated bank account by going to the Transactions tab:

    You are still able to sell tickets to your event prior to completing the bank verification process. We simply collect the funds on your behalf until you are ready to receive them. 

  • What are offline ticket sales and how do I process them?

    Offline sales are tickets sold through means other than Sticky Tickets. This can include phone or fax orders via credit card, a cash transaction, or payment via cheque or direct deposit. You can manually enter these purchases so that your event records are kept up-to-date and your customer can still receive an e-ticket and receipt via email. You can also use offline sales to enter VIP, free or discounted ticket details.

    If you are not processing a credit card when using the offline sales feature there are no booking fees applied.

  • What do I need to do when my event is finished?

    Once your event has been successfully completed you will need to log in to your user account and officially mark it as 'complete'. To do this, log in to your account and click on the event. This will open to the summary page. In the top right hand corner, click on the 'complete' button.

    To see the process in more detail please click here

    If your bank details have been verified, you can expect all ticket revenue to be deposited into your nominated account within 2-3 working days.

  • Can I use Sticky Tickets to sell raffle tickets?

    Yes you can. Here are a couple of quick tips:

    • When choosing a location in the ‘Where’ section, either enter the location where the raffle will be drawn, or a full stop (.) into the fields. This will allow you to save the details and publish the raffle (make it live). 
    • When drawing the winner, download the ticket list with numbers and names from the reporting page so you can print them out and place in a hat or barrel. 
    • Use the group ticket feature to save on booking fees. 

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  • Automating the eTicket and Tax Receipt Delivery

    Sticky Tickets gives you the option of sending out e-tickets and tax receipts automatically through Sticky Tickets via email. If you do not want to provide tickets for your event or want to send tickets via alternate methods, you will be able to deactivate the email ticket mechanism in the set up of each new event via a checkbox.

    Note: As the organiser you will receive email copies of all receipts/tickets sold.

    For more details on event setup click here

    If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to help.

  • How do I become an event organiser on Sticky Tickets?

    Becoming an event organiser is easy, without any cost or commitment. This means you can create an account and set up a dummy/test event to simply get a feel for the features before you list an event.

    Option 1 - First time user of Sticky Tickets (view short video)

    1. Go to the 'How it Works/Sell Tickets' section of the Sticky Tickets website at

    2. Click on the button labelled SELL TICKETS TO YOUR EVENT

    3. Enter your email address and select a secure password.

    4. Select Organiser account type.

    5. Fill in the required information and at the end of the form select Complete Registration.

    6. An email verification email will be sent to your registered email address. To verify your account click on the link in this email

    Once your account email address is verified, you can now log in to your account.

    That’s it! Now you can start to list events. Please contact us at support if you have any further questions or need help.

    Option 2 - Previous user of Sticky Tickets

    If you have purchased tickets from Sticky Tickets before, all you need to do is change your account to an organiser account. Just follow the instructions below:


    Log in with your current details using the link at the top right of the screen.

    Once you're logged in, you can either 

    • Click on My Events and follow the prompts
    • click on the link that reads Become an Organiser in the expanded menu on the right side of the page .


    Organisation Type - Select what type of event organiser you are (an individual, business, not for profit or registered charity).

    When you're finished, click the Become an Organiser button.

    A couple of important points:

    • You are still required to enter your bank details in order to receive ticket sales, though you can do this at a later stage. To enter bank details, click on the My Account link at the top right of the page. 
    • Funds are transferred into this account after the event has been completed.  

    An email verification email will be sent to your registered email address. To verify your account click on the link on this email

    Once your account email address is verified, you can start creating your event!

    If you have any questions regarding setting up your event and or anything else as you go, please don't hesitate to contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to help.

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  • The Sticky Tickets One-Off Charity Rebate

    If you are holding a one-off event to raise funds for a registered charity, then please consider applying for our one-off charity rebate. If approved, we will be pleased to donate back 20% of the total credit card booking fees (including AMEX) for your event.

    To Apply

    1. Register and log in to Sticky Tickets (you may use an existing account)
    2. Complete the application form, providing evidence that the fund or institution is approved by the Australian Taxation Office as an endorsed Tax Concession Charity (TCC)
    3. All proceeds from the event must be in aid of the registered charity, not just a portion of proceeds.
    4. Supply a letter or email from the charity acknowledging that the event is raising funds for their charity.


    • Management reserves the right to ask you to modify your acknowledgement of Sticky Tickets as a supporter, or to refuse the application without explanation.
    • When applying for the one off charity rebate, we would appreciate it if the application can be submitted as early as possible in your event set up, to allow for processing and timely approval.
    • Please refer to our branding page for guidelines on using our logo. You will also find our 'supporter' logo which can be used when promoting us as a sponsor of your event.  Once approved, the Sticky Tickets 'supporter' logo will be automatically added to your event page.

    If your application is approved, just send an invoice for 20% of the total booking fees after your event to (please include your bank details on the invoice). Your rebate will be processed for payment by EFT the next business day. Please note that we will add our logo to your event page upon approval.

  • Can I use Sticky Tickets for a webinar?

    Absolutely! When creating the event, just enter something like "Online" or "Your Place" in the address field.

    You can also select not to send out e-tickets (a receipt will still be sent) and you can add a message to the confirmation email and receipt with the webinar link. This link will only be displayed once a purchase is complete.

    For more details on how to add this message please see adding a message .

  • Receipt vs Tax Invoice

    When a ticket purchaser buys tickets, along with their e-ticket they will either receive a Receipt or Tax Invoice.

    • Tax Invoice - A tax invoice is only issued if your organiser settings are set as registered for GST (as an ABN is required to be displayed on a tax invoice) 
    • Receipt - A receipt is issued in all other instances except for the one above when an ABN has been provided. 

  • Are there any additional fees?

    No, our booking fee is calculated on the price of the ticket, and includes all merchant and credit card fees. It is the only cost associated with the purchase of tickets through Sticky Tickets. For free events and purchases with cash etc, there is no booking fee.

    Please refer to our Pricing Schedule for further details

  • Is GST included in the booking fee?

    Yes, all of our advertised booking fees are inclusive of GST. Once you have completed your event and the ticket sales are transferred to you, we will send you an email with a PDF receipt which will have the GST component of the booking fees paid itemised. You can then use this for BAS reporting purposes. For event organisers setting up their Sticky Tickets account please click here for more details, and please feel free to contact us any time of you have any further questions.

  • Can a Sticky Tickets receipt be used to claim a deduction on an income tax return?

    In order to claim as a deduction, the donation must have been made to an approved organisation.

    If the receipt was 100% a donation and you did not receive any goods or services, then the answer is yes, you can claim.

    If your receipt was part donation and part for goods or services you received, then the receipt should indicate what portion of the payment is a donation, and only this portion is tax deductible.

    Disclaimer: The above is general commentary and is based on information provided on the ATO website, please see links below. We recommend that you seek advice from a tax professional prior to making a tax deductible claim or creating your event.

    Australian Tax Office links

    ATO D9 - Gifts and Donations

    ATO Deductions for contributions relating to fund-raising events

    NOTE to Event Organisers

    • When creating a ticket type that has a portion of the ticket price as a donation, you should include in the ticket description what portion is a donation

               example ticket description


    If you have any questions about this or any other topic, please contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to assist.

  • Can I make my event environmentally friendly?

    Yes! There are several ways you can do this:

    * There is no need to print tickets. Add a note to your event letting ticket purchasers know that they do not need to print out their e-Tickets. They can either have them scanned on their mobile device at the entrance, or show the ticket on their mobile device to have their name checked off.

    * There is no need to print reports. Keep all of your reports online - they are updated automatically with each purchase.

    * Send invitations electronically

    * Set up recycling stations at your event

    * If your event is held annually do not print the date on the promotional material, so you can use extras again next year.

  • How to make your event live

    Once you have finished entering/updating the details of your event, you are now ready to make your event 'live' and begin advertising/selling tickets online. Until you click on the Make Event Live button your event will display a 'pending' status, which means it will not appear online and people will not be able to buy tickets. You will still be able to make changes to the event details.

    To find out how to make your event live, please watch this short video or follow the steps below:

    If you are not ready to make your event live, you can use the Save For Later button to save your current changes and return to the event list page.

    1. Use the Preview link to view your event page as ticket purchasers will see it

    2. Click Make Event Live to start selling tickets. 

    For mobile devices:

    Your event page on Sticky Tickets will look similar to the example shown here.

    If you have questions about making your event live or anything else, please contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to assist.

  • How to delete events?

    Events can only be deleted when the event is still in pending status or when it's marked as cancelled without any ticket sales. You can click on the delete link under the Actions tab in your My Events tab.

    Note: Cancelled events with ticket sales will not be deleted for reporting purposes.

  • What are my legal obligations as an event organiser?

    Your Legal Obligations as an Event Organiser Under Australian Consumer Law

    Australia Consumer Law is a set of obligations for businesses engaging in trade or commerce, which protects the rights of consumers. To help you remain within the guidelines, here are some considerations to take in the organisation of your event.

    • Ensure you secure appropriate approval/permits from the venue, prior to selling tickets.
    • Clearly list the contact details of the organiser, so that consumers can communicate directly if needed.
    • Regularly meet with all of those assisting with the planning and organisation of the event, to make sure it is all going sufficiently and successfully
    • Provide a thorough brief to food and drink vendors to ensure numbers will be catered for adequately, at appropriate times.
    • Ensure the quality and quantity of facilities on site, particularly with regards to the number of attendees.
    • Ensure that any promised merchandising stock will arrive in a timely manner and in adequate quantities to supply all consumers.
    • Ensure there are adequate staffing levels to manage crowds on the day.
    • Develop a plan of action for extreme weather events.
    • Consider the conditions under which you would provide a refund and ensure your ticketing agent is part of that process, in case of significant problems prior to or during the event.
    • Thoroughly brief all event staff working during the event to ensure they are all aligned regarding event management procedures and contingency planning.
    • Ensure event staff can communicate effectively with each other as well as event managers and local authorities during the event.

               Consumer guarantees and refunds

    • Pop-up events involve supplying consumers with a service (the experience). Under the ACL, suppliers automatically provide guarantees on the goods and services they provide to consumers.
    • A supplier guarantees that services are provided:
      • With due care and skill
      • Which are fit for any specified purpose
      • Within a reasonable time (when no time is specified).
    • In the case of any goods provided, a supplier guarantees (among other things) that:
      • Goods are of an acceptable quality
      • Goods will match any description provided
    • Events involving supplying consumers with a service (the experience) means that suppliers automatically provide guarantees on the goods and services they provide to consumers, according to Australian Consumer Law.
    • If the good or service fails to meet a consumer guarantee, a consumer has rights against the supplier, who must provide a remedy promptly.  In the case of major failures, ie cancellation (where a consumer would not have purchased the good or service had they known the extent), the remedy is normally a refund. If you have to reschedule your event and the ticket purchaser is unable to attend the new event date, they are entitled to a refund, including booking fees.
    • Consumers may be entitled to a full or partial refund if the service is not provided to the extent of the promise.
    • The ACL prohibits the use of unfair contract terms, including all Terms and Conditions which consumers must agree to when purchasing tickets. This includes terms which limit the liability of the organiser in providing refunds or other remedies. You can state that refunds will not be given for change of mind purchasers.
    • Event organisers are encouraged to proactively provide consumers with as much information as they can about the circumstances when they would be entitled to refunds. For example, Terms and Conditions could clearly advise consumers they are entitled to a refund if an event is cancelled or if the headline act is no longer attending, or in the event of a postponement of an event that organisers would offer consumers tickets to the alternate date or the consumer can choose a refund.
    • It is misleading for event organisers to accept payment for event tickets (or allow their ticketing agent to accept payments) if they:
    • do not intend to put on the event,
    • intend to put on an event different to the event advertised, or
    • know (or should have known) or were reckless to the fact that you would not be able to put on the event.
    • If you do accept payment in the above circumstances, you may be committing an offence.
    • The law is not intended to punish businesses that genuinely try to meet supply agreements, however, event organisers should communicate any alterations to an event as soon as possible and as widely as possible and offer appropriate remedies in response to failures of any consumer guarantees so consumers can make informed decisions.
    • Ultimately, event organisers are encouraged to review their practices to ensure they are operating with the ACL, and make sure to remedy situations with a ticket purchaser if they are not satisfied.

               *This information is provided as a guide only. For more detailed information regarding the requirements of both event organisers                    and ticketing agencies, please visit the ACCS website, or your local consumer affairs regulator.

  • 3rd party ticket sales
    Sticky Tickets does not allow or support 3rd party ticket sales through our site. If you have tickets you do not want for an event listed on our site, we suggest you either contact the organiser of the event or sell them on a site that allows 3rd party ticket sales, such as eBay or Gumtree. Any tickets resold through our site will be cancelled immediately, and we strongly recommend that tickets for any event other than one listed by an organiser and sold directly through our site not be bought.

  • I received an Error Message

    If you received an error message while purchasing a ticket or while setting up/managing your event, please describe the error, take a screenshot and send us a copy via email so we can investigate further.

    You can send us a message through the Contact Us page and we will begin work on resolving the issue as soon as possible for you.

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