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Live Stream Access to Module 1 ONLY
Not sure if you would like to do the whole program? Would you like to "try before you buy"? Then this is the option for you.

Tune in to learn: Scientific explanations of why and how herbs work. A study of herbal constituents and active principles. A survey herbal preparations e.g. extracts, tinctures etc. The importance and establishment of herbal medicine dosage.

Watch Denis' first module at the special discounted rate of $399 and if you wish to upgrade later to the 'Webinar Series' or 'In-Person Program' you may redeem the $399 from the cost of the full course.*

*This offer is valid until 21/02/2020.

✅ Live Stream
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  • 23/11/19 - Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine: Part 1
  • 24/11/19 - Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine: Part 2

If you enjoy Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine: Part 1&2 you can purchase the full webinar series via FX Education and  receive a AUD $399.00 inc GST discount (A coupon will be emailed to you, upon completion of this the event)

The full webinar series will come with all 6 professionally recorded weekends with bonus course materials.

  • 22/02/20 - Digestive System
  • 23/02/20 - Dermatological Conditions
  • 18/04/20 - Respiratory System
  • 19/04/20 - Immune System
  • 20/06/20 - Urinary and Male Reproductive Systems
  • 21/06/20 - Female Reproductive System
  • 22/08/20 - Nervous System
  • 23/08/20 - Cardiovascular System
  • 17/10/20 - Muscular Skeletal System
  • 18/10/20 - Herbal Toxicology and Drug Interaction

FX Medicine is facilitating online booking for the Professional Extension Herbal Medicine Diploma. For questions regarding the Professional Extension or CPE accreditation, please contact the course convener: Maggie Sands, maggiesands@hotmail.com 

Live Stream + On Demand ONLY

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