Protect Your Event

We have you covered. Sticky Tickets has integrated event coverage protection through Event Protect. Event Protect covers your ticket revenue in the case where your event needs to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances out of your control. With a wide range of acceptable reasons to make a claim on your ticket revenue you can now protect your ticket income and rest assured that if for some unexpected reason you are not able to continue with your event you can make a claim to recoup your ticket revenue. Terms and conditions apply.

What Reasons Are Covered?

Some examples for cancellation include, but are not limited to:

  • Adverse weather conditions for indoor events
  • Adverse weather conditions for outdoor events
  • Cover for transport delays
  • Key supplier failure
  • Any major incident deemed a health & safety risk
  • Mechanical failure or breakdown of key equipment
  • Malicious damage - burglary
  • National disasters causing a state of emergency
  • Unknown works being carried out by builders or contractors at the venue which renders it or its facilities unusable
  • Cancellation or revocation of licence or closure of event for health & safety by local authority
  • Cyber attack on venue that causes an abandonment or cancellation

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In the event of a qualifying reason, Event organisers complete a secure online claim form which enables Event Protect to process refunds directly. Event Protect liaises with the event organiser and Sticky Tickets while the claim is being processed. Event Protect on acceptance of the claim will payout the claim directly to the ticket holders. Once your claim has been approved you will then be permitted through your event admin area on Sticky Tickets to complete the claim via a button on the summary page. This will then release ticket sales to your bank account (The Event Protect fee (Premium) will not be refunded with a successful claim). In summary Event Protect will refund the ticket purchasers and Sticky Tickets will release the ticket sales to the event organiser (less protection premium).

Sticky Tickets is connected to the Event Protect platform via secure API which enables all transactions to be underwritten by a panel of A-rated insurers in real-time. This allows for the full value of ticket costs to be covered & protected, including processing fees, booking fees and taxes.

Note: Once Event Protect has been enabled and tickets have been sold the Event Protect coverage cannot be disabled.

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