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OCTOBER TOPIC: Masculine / Feminine Energy and why you MUST know this to get the results you want.

Are you craving connection with like-minded women in business?

Are you big on community over competition?

Do you value ongoing learning and growth?

Would you like to surround yourself with other business owners who know what it's like?

The this is just the thing for you.

Out Not Networking events are designed for women who want to connect and learn first and foremost. While some of the participants have gone on to work together, or collaborate, this is not the intention of the events. It's just an awesome added bonus!

These events will make sure that you feel VERY welcome and ensure you never want to bolt for the door or have the ground swallow you up (which, let's face it, you may well have experienced before at some networking events. Hovering on the sidelines, feeling the desire to flee!) And the event is structured, so that there's not lots of small talk without a focus (*phew!)

You will also learn a strategy or framework that you can immediately apply in your business.

So not only do you meet other amazing women, you also get a coffee (or whatever hot drink); morning tea; learn something you can immediately apply to business or life; connect with local business owners; and feel less lonely in biz! What's not to love.

And even more than that, people who have come to these events say that it's time away from the business for themselves, like a little act of self care, and time to work on (not *in* the biz).

I hope to see you there.

Kylie x