Jazz by the Bay

1-4 June 2018

Jazz by the Bay is Western Australia’s premiere regional jazz festival.

We turn the heat up in winter, get visitors and locals out of hibernation and into some cosy venues to enjoy cool jazz.

Held across more than 20 venues in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River in WA’s South West, Jazz by the Bay gets people swinging, scatting and jiving at more than 40 performances by over 200 artists across four days.

The festival features free and ticketed live soul, rhythm & blues, big band, bebop and swing performances during the day and into the night on the street, in wineries, bars, theatres and private properties.

Jazz by the Bay provides a complete feast for the senses with many events including stunning local food and wine in the experience. In the words of Dave Brubeck, 'Take Five' and go where the in-crowd go this June.
Check us out at www.jazzbythebay.com.au for more information and all that jazz. Don’t forget to book your accommodation.

Jazz by the Bay

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