JERA International

JERA International (JERA) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes Justice, Equality, Rights and Access to bring about positive change for women.

We work in Australia, the Asia Pacific Region and internationally to promote positive action to achieve gender equality.

JERA uses a practical and rights-based approach to directly advance women’s participation in policy discussions and change.

JERA International was formed in recognition of the fact that women do less well than men as a group in every country across the world. JERA works in partnership with groups and networks of women and men towards common goals and outcomes to advance gender equality. JERA works as a conduit between community and decision-makers, providing opportunity, access, training, and expertise linkages. Our vision is for gender equality in all areas of civil life, society, the economy and culture.

JERA International is not currently a member organisation, but has an active national, regional and international presence in the women’s movement through personal contacts, membership of women’s organisations and national, regional and international networks.

JERA has formidable networks in the business and wider community sectors that engages a broader range of voices. The groups and networks that JERA International works with have branches and members nationally and internationally.

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JERA International

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