Joanne Antoun

Joanne Antoun is a Transformational expert, founder of CTC - The 2hr life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail™, The International Institute of Combined Therapy Cocktail and a Body Language Specialist

As a highly sought after speaker in the field of personal growth, consciousness and evolved leadership, Joanne has been helping people reach their dreams and live their best possible lives for almost 20 years. Joanne offers in depth personal transformation to her clients, helping them to break free of whatever issues are holding them back. During this transformation, she helps teach, empower, and inspire clients to be the best they can be. Bringing a highly intuitive and in-depth spiritual perspective into everything she does, Joanne is responsible for helping thousands of people transform their lives in extraordinary ways.

Through her remarkable healing gifts and incredible insight, Joanne has created CTC, the two-hour life-transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail™ She is also an Author, a Reiki master teacher, psychotherapist and life coach. Extremely adept at working with energy, Joanne is also a hypnotherapy trainer, EFT trainer, a NLP master practitioner and trainer and Body Language Trainer

Joanne brings her highly intuitive abilities and an in-depth spiritual perspective into everything she does. She is available for personal sessions of CTC, workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, body language coaching and training and is also personally training a new generation of CTC practitioners.


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Joanne Antoun

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