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OMGWTF Its Christmas!

Thats right, its f*cking Christmas. What a year. Lets put 2021 behind us.

A dynamite, late-night romp of burlesque, circus, drag, sideshow and magic. We light up the stage with delightfully devilish displays of debauchery the likes of which you’ll never be able to unsee. One whole hour that represents approximately 169 years of repenting for sins you didn't even commit, only witnessed. On the Scoville Scale, this once-in-a-lifetime kinda spice makes the Carolina Reaper look like a silly little ice cube.

That’s right: We’ve just sassed the hottest chili in the world and we’d do it again. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you
won’t know where to look or what to do with your hands.

Come for the shock, stay for the awe.

The Gal

3/5 Beaumont Street Hamilton NSW 2303, Australia

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Hannah Quinn
Hannah Quinn

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