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This offering is a deep immersion into Self-Love & Self-Acceptance, through the shedding of body shame and negative self-image. We will potently explore our relationship with our body as our Temple. Considering all of the imposing factors that influence our journey as a Woman, including those that come from within. Together, we will explore societal conditioning, fear of judgement, the dreaded inner-critic, self-rejection & unconscious attachments to negative body image.

The power of shame is in secrecy, by bringing that which we carry out of the shadows (unconsciousness) and into the light (consciousness), we break the cycle of shame. To be witnessed in this Initiation, brings personal freedom & liberation.

A little on Circle…..

When we come together in Circle, we enter a sacred container where trust is formed. A Circle resembles safe holding. It is a space where you won’t be judged, shamed or ridiculed. Each of us can let our guard down, be ourselves & be transparent. The invitation is to enter into deep reverence - to release, surrender & grow. We face ourselves when we face each other, that is the power of a circle.

A little on the Power of Ritual….

A ritual is very simply a symbolic series of actions performed to signify an event or transition of personal meaning. Rituals create a moment where we break free of the mundane and enter an intentional space where our mind, body, and spirit align to focus on a specific purpose or outcome. The power of ritual creates focus, adherence & change. A large part of ritual through the ages has revolved around lowering the defensive barriers we raise and reaching out to one another and to a force greater than ourselves.

The practice of ritual is a way to discover the Self and opens a gateway for self-expression. Taking you on a journey which returns you to remember your own power & innate ability to heal, manifest & expand into your greatness; by opening to trust, faith & belief. Every idea, every belief, every act, every ritual is a permission slip. They are tools. To be more of who you are. The power is in your ability to believe.

❤️ What to expect…….

✨ Vulnerability Ritual ~ We will drop into one-on-one sharing. Within this sacred space you will hold and be held in a process of unearthing the shadow emotions you have been carrying or holding onto, around body shame & self-image. This is a deep practice of exploring what is present for you, what has impacted you and what you have not been willing to let go of. It brings relief, release, clarity, understanding and expansion.

✨ Cine will lead the Circle on a guided journey. Together, entering a sacred space of honouring our body temple, as we lift the veil on the burden that is cast from the secrecy of body shame. Inviting us all into the realm of forgiveness, release, acceptance, reclamation, deep reverence & celebration. Calling forth blessings & abundance as we embrace our natural state of full belief, connection to source and openness to signs, guidance, magic and synchronicity.

✨ Reclamation Ritual ~ Working with the Directions, each woman is witnessed as she stands at the Altar and receives the beat of the medicine drum whilst being smudged with sage and entering a space of deep reflection. When the moment calls her, sharing from heart wisdom that which she has unearthed and acknowledges she is ready to let go and that which she is reclaiming. She will then receive an acknowledgement from each woman in the Circle. The power of witnessing is transformational.

✨ Clay Ritual ~ Linda will guide the group with options of how to adorn another's body with the softest of clay and paint brushes (both provided).

Why do we paint the body?

Painting the body can be both a gentle and joyful path into vulnerability ('The birthplace of innovation, creativity and change' - Brene Brown). As the layers of clay decorate the body, a sense of liberation and celebration is not uncommon to be experienced. You are also welcomed to use the clay with the power of intention to temporarily let go of the responsibilities of being a woman, to enjoy the experience of being in your body to step into a version of yourself that you would like to embody.

'The art of body painting has been practiced throughout the world by various cultures and tribes for their ritual body painting events. In fact, evidence of tattoos has been discovered in Eurasian dating back to Neolithic era. Among the ancient tattoos are those "Ötzi the Iceman", dated at 3300 BC, several tattooed mummies in Tarim Basin, some of them dated at about the second millennium BC, a tattooed Mummy from the permafrost of Altaï, dated 300 BC and the Man of Pazyryk, discovered during the 1940s. Natives of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and some parts of Africa are still painting their bodies as their ancient ancestors did before them. Many of the cultural traditions and customs from this area are fast disappearing as the modern world takes hold.' - exert from 'A history of graphic design'

Once painted, you are welcome to swim in the ocean (or shower if weather is not suitable for a beach location). We will then dry off and return to a circle to close the afternoon.

<3 About your Hosts

Cine Holland: Cine is a heart-conscious Intuitive Empath, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. She facilitates regular Moon Sound Healing Rituals and workshops in Sydney and is passionate about creating powerful spaces of connection & guiding people to remember their own innate ability to self-heal, by discovering the symbolic meaning of their experiences and accessing their personal wisdom through embodiment & complete ownership of their life experience.

You can find out more about her offerings here: https://www.facebook.com/cineholland/

Linda Angledal: Linda is a multi-faceted artist with a love of combining creativity and community to foster connection. An advocate for the inner child, she believes that constantly encouraging this part of the soul is the key to a joyful, youthful existence. You can find more about her and her art here: https://www.lindaangledal.com

<3 Things to know:

* The event location will be kept private due to the nature of the event. However details will be given once a ticket has been purchased. The location will be within 30 minutes of the Gold Coast Airport. In case of bad weather, a private, indoor location will be provided with showers.

* Photography and video will be taking place at the event but no imagery will be published with nudity. Should you not wish to appear on camera, please make this known to Linda at the event. Your wishes will be honoured.

* It is not necessary for nudity but it will be welcomed. If you choose to wear clothes I would recommend underwear or swimwear that is not your favourite set. The clay does wash off, but can get messy.

* Please bring an old towel, old underwear or swimwear, a sarong, change of clothes hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and drinking water. If you are not comfortable sitting on sand, please bring a cushion.


* Earlybird (available until March 7th, 3:30pm)

Earlybird single adult: $35 plus booking fee

Earlybird double: $60 plus booking fee

* Standard pricing (available March 7th- March 21st)

Single adult: $40 plus booking fee

Double adult: $70 plus booking fee.


Northern NSW Beach within 30 minutes of GC Airport


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Linda Angledal
Linda Angledal

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