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Mitchell Elliott will perform his 2021 collection Kurosawa Daydream for the first time before a live audience. Kurosawa Daydream is inspired by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s series of short films, Dreams (夢). The songs are, like their namesake, desolate, uncanny, and phantasmagorical; collages of electronic sounds that provoke the listener to find meaning within the cacophony of violent sounds, eerie melodies and disparate field recordings. Elliott invites his audience to endure a treacherous sonic journey through dream-like imagery and foreign worlds.

The performance will be accompanied by visual projections made by Sydney-based artist Maira Kei. Maira's practice encourages a cultural exchange between media and context. Her visual companion to Elliott's work imagines a landscape to the music. This is a place to inhabit and be carried by, a place that draws its own breath -in tandem, in opposition- transporting us deeper into the world of Kurosawa Daydream.