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Committee for the Hunter in partnership with Hicksons lawyers, invites you to join our exclusive panel discussion, In Conversation: Climate-related risk and Corporate ESG - Opportunities and challenges for business in the Hunter’s fossil fuel transition.

Regulators are tightening up requirements for companies to disclose and act on climate-related risk and ESG commitments. Businesses within the Hunter region exposed to fossil fuels continue to be significantly impacted. However, as the global community moves towards a low carbon economy, this is the time for companies and investors to not only assess the risks, but also to capture the opportunities.

We are delighted to hear from our diverse panel as they examine the challenges and opportunities through legal, financial, engineering and venture funding lenses.

Our expert panel, consisting of: 

  • Persia Navidi, Partner - Hicksons Lawyers
  • Adam Davis, Technical Practice Leader, Sustainability and Resilience ANZ - AECOM
  • Joe James, CEO - Hunter Joint Organisation and Arrow

Will cover topics such as: 

  • Climate related risks – what are they?
  • Climate litigation – what trends are we seeing in Australia and globally? What does this mean for the community?
  • Greenwashing – what is it and how can companies mitigate the risk associated with it?
  • Regulator update – what are regulators saying about the climate/sustainability/greenwashing and what can we expect moving forward?
  • Mandatory disclosure of climate related risks – what can we expect in Australia?’
  • Insurance – Can climate-related risks impact your insurance?
  • “Key considerations for Hunter companies addressing climate-related risks and opportunities” 
  • Trends in financing on climate-related risks and fossil fuel divestment
  • With companies needing to deliver on ESG commitments, there is capital to be harnessed on projects and initiatives that support the Hunter’s transition from coal. Opportunities for a Hunter Venture Fund
  • Emerging from the shadow of coal, our ideal future for jobs and community wellbeing will be one grounded in a thriving Hunter-based ecosystem of ideas and commercial innovation. We need investment that grows and scales new enterprises and employment opportunity, leveraging our unique regional strengths.

Join us in person, for an evening of riveting discussions and networking.

Catering proudly sponsored by Hicksons Lawyers and Venue by University of Newcastle (please advise of any dietary requirements via contact email address

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NuSpace, The University of Newcastle Room X803

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Committee for the Hunter

Camilla Palamo
Committee for the Hunter