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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to launch something new this year?

Or you're not in business but you do have a big goal or dream for this year.

If you're in biz, maybe you want to write a book, develop a program, start an online course or a membership (amongst a trillion other options!).

Or maybe you're seeking clarity on your dream job; wanting to get clear on your ideal lifestyle; wanting a promotion or advancement that you've only been dreaming of so far, or want to create other changes in your life.

This workshop will be a way:

  • To bypass the so-called strategies you’re being told to do and let your intuition do the talking

  • To avoid the cookie cutter approach you may be being fed. You’re not a cookie! (but mm, cookies can be distracting, right?!)

  • To learn the 4 steps that must be taken (AND are totally unique to you, your business / your own situation) for you to do this with ease.

  • And to do it in a way that feels energising and aligned and uplifting and completely possible (rather than overwhelming; leading to procrastination; feeling ‘hard’ and causing you to doubt the true epic juiciness of whatever you want to experience in your life

This IS for you if:

  • You’ve heard about manifesting but haven’t quite worked out how to make it work for you. Yet.

  • You have something you want to launch out into the world but are stuck in overwhelm and procrastination

  • You realise that learning how to manifest in this way will easily be worth the time and money investment

  • You’re ready for life to feel easier and to flow naturally

  • You trust yourself to make a decision in the best interests of yourself, and back yourself when your intuition starts whispering (or yelling) into your ear

  • You are ready to learn more about the Law of Attraction, the art of manifestation and how you can apply it to your own life in a way that feels right for you by being guided through tried and tested processes that I use with my private clients, myself and in workshops I've been running since 2016. People tell me they leave people feeling inspired, excited and pumped for what’s next (and of course, you’re allowed to have questions! Just ask and I can answer any for you)

  • You want to start experiencing the lifestyle you choose, instead of being a slave to the grind

Date: Mon 14 Feb

Time: 10 - 12 am AEDT (Melb / Syd time)

Investment: $200 + GST

Delivery Method: Via zoom (I’ll record it so if you can’t join live, you can watch (and re-watch it) at your leisure).

(I should point out at this point that it’s also Valentine’s Day on that day! So how ‘bout you shower yourself with some love and direct it in a way that will dramatically help you to make progress with your new and exciting offering!)

Come and join us! I LOVE teaching and sharing this so it would be my ABSOLUTE honour to work with you on your exciting and novel idea(s)!

Kylie x