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The Granite Borders Landcare Committee, NSW RFS and NPWS are presenting a Fire Awareness and Preparedness Workshop.

Speakers will include
Brian McDonough – NSW RFS
Michael Lieberman - NPWS

Be informed in the following topics:

RFS and landholders

  • The role of RFS and how it operates. This includes that it is almost volunteer-run.
  • RFS operation and set up - information on where brigades are located and the areas they cover; central dispatch procedure for fire alerts.
  • What the RFS are allowed to do to control fires on private property – this includes access to all landholder types, which may include entering, cutting fences and padlocks, pushing trees, dozing fire breaks, etc.
  • Historical changes in fire risk management.
  • Legal obligations of land holders to contain a fire within a property.
  • Individual landholder infrastructure; loan of firefighting equipment options.
  • Asset protection steps.
  • Permits for burns, burn communications with neighbours and RFS.
  • Improving the understanding and value of RFS and their services among landholders, in order to reduce fire impacts and severity.

NPWS and landholders

  • Fire management regime, operations and processes of NPWS.
  • Hazard reductions, fire trail creation, mapping and burn plans.
  • Cooperative burns in and around various landholder types – mechanics and processes.
  • National Parks neighbour obligations.
  • Legal and/or policy restrictions guiding NPWS fire management.
  • How RFS and NPWS cooperate in fires in terms of lead, escalations and what that means on the ground.

Fire threats

  • What starts fires - mowers, brush cutters, earthmoving equipment; weather (situational, e.g., heat, wind + fuel) and climate conditions (conditions over time, e.g., the change over time to increasing dominance of fire-prone lovegrass in the landscape, ongoing dry and lack of rain).
  • Consequences of lack of knowledge.

Burning safely

  • Making a fire map of property
  • When if/to burn – e.g., Aug – March
  • Equipment required
  • Permits to burn – Intent to burn and Notification of burn
  • How and when issued
  • Letting neighbours know
  • How to find out who your neighbours are (council will give you postal address info for your adjoining neighbours)

What affects fire speed/intensity

  • Slope aspect
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Fuel type (long grass, slashed grass, shrubs etc)
  • Humidity

Where to obtain information - getting warnings and notifications

  • Using the ‘Hazards near me’ app
  • Reporting a fire

Going further with RFS

  • The process of joining the RFS and an outline of training involved.
  • Cadet programme at TF Highschool in final term as elective subjects for years 9 and 10.
  • RFS memberships

Light lunch to be served

RSVP, places limited

This workshop is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and NSW Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding arrangements.

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Tenterfield Fire Control Centre 3 Francis Street Tenterfield NSW 2372 Australia

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