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The 2020 Knowing and Growing workshops will be held online via Zoom. Zoom links will be sent to participants via email closer to the event date. 

These sessions will provide one hour of NESA Accreditation and will consist of three 20 minute session covering the following:

NSW Department of Primary Industries

The NSW Department of Primary Industries online course AgPatch - Garden connections is designed to inspire you to plan a school garden program, make connections with the people and primary industries in your school community and to incorporate it into your classroom practice. This workshop session will provide an overview of the course and the benefits of establishing a garden program at your school. To ensure that gardens form a valuable resource in the delivery of Science and Technology outcomes, we will share practical activities to use.

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) will take you through our extensive ‘Farm to Table’ resource designed for Stages 2 & 3 students and teachers. Farm to Table focusses on the importance of agriculture in our lives and concepts from paddock to plate and field to fibre. This resource has 77 activities, broken into 10 different categories, and meets key curriculum requirements from the Australian and NSW syllabus including Science, English, Geography, Personal Health, Maths and History. Each category also has a bigger STEM project that you can complete with your students, and all the activities are adaptable and extendable depending on how much you want to challenge your students. This resource is designed as a sequential resource that can be covered over a full term. We look forward to taking you through this resource as well as pointing you towards our many others.

Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA)

PIEFA’s Primezone Academy is the new PIEFA teaching and learning interactive online course website. Here you will find interactive courses your students can enrol into for free. Some of these courses have been developed from existing resources on Primezone, which others will be brand new. Courses will be developed across a wide range of food and fibre subjects. As well, there are teacher professional learning courses which are being developed. This workshop will provide an overview of the Cotton, Grains and Oilseed courses available for Stage 3 students and how you can use them in your teaching programs.