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Personal Leadership for the Moments that Matter

Become your own mind mechanic.  Improve your leadership, productivity and emotional intelligence through learning how to change your mind.

You will learn how to make the best choices in the moments that matter.

The organization gets

Reduced stress (and the effects of stress on work performance and culture)

Reduced conflict

Reduced sabotage or undermining of change

Greater leadership

More consistent motivation levels

Better communication and organization

Greater flexibility

You get

Reduced stress, blame, guilt and fear

Improved ability to manage your state of mind

Improve flexibility

Ability to change unproductive habits (eg procrastination, self-doubt)


Personal Leadership in the moments that matter

You will learn how to apply the MyAtaraxy Meta Model to make gradual systematic improvements to your productivity and your effectiveness.

You will learn how to see things as they really are, with reduced fear, blame and guilt.  You will learn how to apply some simple techniques to make the most of the moments that matter.

You cannot prevent the world from spinning but you can better manage how you respond to it, how you feel about it and how to interact with it so that you can make the biggest contribution to the people and the projects you care about.

You get this.........

By understanding how to apply this ..........

Building Authentic Happiness is not a soft option for businesses – it simply means training your people to be more effective, more engaged, more professional, more flexible, more considerate more of the time.  What would that do for your productivity?

Book your ticket now and attend a workshop that will change your mind.

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Wallsend Business Centre

69 Cowper Street Wallsend NSW 2287, Australia

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Nigel Donovan
Donovan Ataraxy Pty Limited
0404 199 888

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