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Ever wanted a luminous, energy efficient lantern that you could use as to set as a mood light or creative display? Wanted to "lighten up" and share a little glow that reflects your mood?

Learn how to create interactive Luminous Lanterns in this latest session of Illuminart's Interactive Textiles Workshop Series. 

Your completed lanterns will exhibited during the LUMINOUS TRAIL EXHIBITION being presented by Illuminart during the South Australian Living Artists Festival 2013, and the creators may be invited to present their completed hybrid/electronic garments at other future events. And naturally you'll want to wear them to heaps of great events too.

Who is it for?

Great for textile artists interested in what lights, circuits or electronics could add to enhance your work... great for fashion students or designers exploring the potential of changing practice... great for hobbyists who want to get some new skills... and excellent for anyone interested in combining vastly different disciplines in a new and exciting way. 

8 Places are offered, for a once only course that provides hands on development of the item and support with each step of the design, electronics and interactivity design, electronics building, soldering, programming, and completion. 

Who's running it?

Illuminart is offering this training, to assist with planning, design and building of unique garments / objects, that combine and develop skills in electronics, textiles or fashion.

The workshops will be convened and run by Cindi Drennan (director of illuminart, and lighting / textile artist) and Trevor Collict (interactive Hardware technologist) with Kathryn Sproul (textile artist / designer) and assistance of previous Interactive Textile Workshop participants.

Previous skills needed:

• experience with textile crafts and sewing (eg applique, felting, sewing machine use or similar crafts)
• previous experience with soldering or having done ITW beginner class is beneficial but not essential

Participants should be adult (separate classes or workshops may be run for young people by arrangement)

Dates and Times:

Monday 22nd of July 6pm - 9pm at 27 North Parade, Port Adelaide (OR BY APPOINTMENT via online conferencing at other times)
Day 1 is a planning and introductory stage, which involves a recap of the Interactive Textiles basics, covers Lantern and Electronic Design requirements and issues, and provides a design brief to get you started.

Saturday 27th July 10am - 4pm at 27 North Parade and Sunday 28th July 10am - 4pm
Day 3 & 4: tackle the Electronic Design and advanced circuit building, with some theory for electronics and power supply: Revisions to the textile design are implemented as the circuitry is built.

Saturday 3rd August or other dates by arrangement at 27 North Parade - OPTIONAL
For participants who need more time to complete their lanterns or would like advanced electronic or programming support, will have access to additional consulting or design hours this week.

Materials cost:

If you have paid a full price ticket including all materials, then the kit of materials needed for this workshop are included for the purpose of making your item. Generally if you want to take additional materials away, or if you accepted a reduced price with the plan to buy materials as you go: Allow $30 – $100 for the materials you use (we'll price it as you go).

What to bring:

  • Yourself, snacks or food appropriate to your dietary requirements
  • Sketch book, note book
  • Sewing kit if you have one – including scissors, needles, thread, fabric glue. We will have supplies but it helps to have your own there.
  • Sewing machine if its a regular part of your creative habits. We will also have a machine or two there for general use.
  • Scrap fabric or materials you’d like to try using.

Contact Cindi Drennan if you have questions (0412 534 999)

For further information please visit

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