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Tango night, Norton St., Ashfield. Black tie. Masque. In the penultimate tanda of the evening the dancers hang on for the weary pause till the bandoneon comes keening in again. This is old Sydney. The ghost of Johnny Garfield haunts the side-stage shadows. Down in the car-park, under a supermoon, the Suave Fucks are soft on the radio, and Don Walker sings “Baby, We’ll Be, The Perfect Crime.”
Don Walker and his band will return live in October and November showcasing their new single, ‘The Perfect Crime’, and other songs from the acclaimed album Hully Gully.

Walker has few peers, if any, in illuminating the darker underbelly of the Australian psyche, whether he’s performing with Cold Chisel, Tex, Don and Charlie or solo. Young girls, angry women, luck-chasers, grader drivers, phone-sex tycoons, identity thieves and switchers, heartbroken prodigals who don’t smell good and anyone who just wants to throw the afternoon away on a game of pool – they’re all still there.

“I’ve gone on record as proclaiming Walker’s previous two solo albums, We’re All Gunna Die and Cutting Back, as classics. Hully Gully makes it a trifecta.” – Rhythms Magazine 2013

“It's a delight...Everything here is a gem.” – The Australian 2013

“The songs on this record are amongst his finest and this is a continually rewarding collection, unified and confident in its worth.” - 2013

“He is among the best – the most Australian – of songwriters.” – The Music 2013

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