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Hanna has a husband, a kid, a beautiful home and everything her teenage self ever dreamed of, but she’s feeling far less than satisfied. She longs to be swept off her feet again, to feel the ecstasy of a first romance, to be the leading lady in a Hollywood romance; and not just with anyone, but the sexiest man alive – Hugh Jackman. Could it happen? And if it did, what would it be like? Join Hanna in her secret obsession, told from the most private room in the house - the loo, as she resists the persistent presence of her every day reality to devise the most ultimate of romantic comedy fantasies.

After a successful season at Adelaide Fringe 2013 Spoil Your Love Life will premiere in Sydney on October 30th at The Newsagency.

What Adelaide said about Spoil Your Love Life:

“Michelle Pastor certainly has talent. She’s engaging, funny, bold, charismatic and bursting with stage presence and she looks very comfortable in front of the audience”

“it’s like a wedding cake; externally appealing with enticing veneer, sweet and fulfilling, yet internally complex and fruity. It’s an hour-long tragicomic romp into the fantastic lust of ‘just’ a housewife who has it all yet frightens herself in wanting just a little bit more”

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