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Fresh from the successful release of her new album Vertigo, Elodie Sablier's performance at the Barthe House Gallery is bringing together her exquisite piano composition and performance skills.
For this particular occasion, Elodie's music will be crowned by the subtle and atmospheric art work of Simon Weir and his current exhibition, 'On the softness of meaning'.
Having trained in France at the world-famous Conservatoires of Lyon and Paris, Elodie Sablier is blessed with incredible technique and a sublime delicacy of touch. But after years of performing to those demanding standards, firmly ensconced in traditional musical forms, Elodie sought to find a more personal form of expression, and put a little more of herself into her music.
The result is Vertigo, which sits comfortably alongside the likes of Einaudi, Glass and Nyman in its minimalism and its almost hypnotic repetition and looping. The lush, verdant landscapes of her native Provence have a strong presence here, but so too does Sablier's antipodean home, and her music exists in a sort of interstitial space between two very different worlds, which creates a sense of familiarity offset by an 'otherness' you can't quite put your finger on.
Elodie delivers an emotive honesty in her sound that pushes the boundaries of classical music in her own inimitable style. Her collaboration with Scene Director Jean-Yves Brignon for her Concerts enables a particular interaction between Elodie, the Audience, and the Piano.
Elodie's album is a thing of great beauty, and the performance of this young talented composer promises to be nothing short of enchanting.


98 Bourke Street Woolloomooloo NSW 2011, Australia

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Jean-Marc Barthe
Sente Enterprises Ltd

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