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$15 pre, $20 door | Happy Hour from 6-7pm, 9pm show
Delicious food (including pizza!) available. Fully licensed – NO BYO
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The Rockabilly Women

A Salute to the Trailblazing women of 50's America

Presented by Narelle Evans and her band.

If Elvis caused a scandal in 1955 - imagine what it was like for women who wanted to ROCK!!!

"Narelle Evans had superb strength, a richness of tone not often encountered but once heard can never be forgotten" - Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle (critic).

Fun, and a shared passion for Rockabilly and 1950's Rock'n'roll has recently seen the birth of 'The Rockabilly Women' show. When Narelle Evans decided to put on a Rockabilly show, the daunting task of what songs to choose lay before her. It soon became clear most of the rockabilly/rock'n'roll tunes we love are performed by men. "I wanted to put on a show in the spirit of Imelda May using the music of 1950's female rock'n'rollers but I couldn't find any 50's rock'n'roll sung by women" said Narelle, "until I scratched beneath the surface and dug a little deeper".

What she unearthed was a treasure trove of women who were recorded by Sun records in the 1950's. Dozens of women were recorded but were never promoted like the men and have largely been forgotten. However, they have left behind some fantastic music. What a discovery. Why weren't they promoted? Because women singing rock'n'roll were considered outrageous and vulgar.

"These women unknowingly became pioneers of rock'n'roll music. All they wanted to do was rock! They laid the foundations for the cultural and sexual revolutions of the 1960's. Here was a story we never hear about. It's an important story. We had our show"

Four women (including Wanda Jackson) who defied convention and rocked in this era were chosen. The show is built around their fascinating stories set against the backdrop of 1950's mid west America. "Once the songs were chosen, we had a script written and brought in director Robert Jarman to bring the show to life."

Come and hear the gems these women recorded played live by some fine Sydney music luminaries:

Narelle Evans Vocals: (The Jive Bombers, Bridie King)

Jack Evans Guitar/Vocals: (Steve Prestwich (Cold Chisel) Band, The Kites)

Chris Perry Bass/Vocals/Musical director: (The Moods, The Jive Bombers)

Antero Ceschin Drums: (The Mighty Reapers)