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Daylight Ghosts are bringing their idiosyncratic blend of acoustic and electronic music to Banshees Bar on June 4th and will be playing songs from their recent debut album Urban Umbra. They will be supported by alt-country act The Melancholics.

~~~~~~ The Melancholics ~~~~~

The Melancholics started in earlyish 2021 when vocalist Beck met Marty (pedal steel/lead guitar) and Brenton (sparkly guitar bits) as a package deal after posting on a Brisbane Musicians Facebook group looking for musicians who shared her love of alternative country/Americana music.

Around the same time Beck met Geoff (rhythm guitar) and Monica (bass guitar) and Geoff and Beck decided to join forces to play some songs at a local Hootenanny. Geoff, Beck, Marty and Brenton started jamming in a practice room in West End which became affectionately known as “The Dungeon” and The Melancholics was born.

Pretty soon it became obvious they needed a rhythm section and Monica decided it was time for her to start playing bass again after a hiatus of many years and join the band. Once Monica was onboard, the band moved from “The Dungeon” to some nicer practice rooms and started the search for a drummer. After a couple of false starts and some drummer ghosting Stu came along and made everything better and the band was complete! We like to think we are more alt and less country. Sometimes we fight about Hank Williams but mostly we love making music together and laughing at each other’s jokes.

~~~~~ Daylight Ghosts ~~~~~

Daylight Ghosts are an indie/electro/dark-folk group from Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. The band was formed by musician/composer Karl O'Shea out of a desire to explore a style of songwriting outside of his usual prog/metal background. After a lengthy search for a like minded collaborator, Karl found a kindred spirit in singer/songwriter Adam Dawe and the core of the group was formed.

Daylight Ghosts’ mission statement has always been as follows - folk songs filtered through shifting combinations of indie, goth, post-punk and electronic music styles. In simple terms - two moody metalheads creating folk music with their own idiosyncratic spin. The duo's love of intimate, torchlit music is combined with their "heavier" sensibilities to create a sound that is both delicate and melancholic with an atmospheric, cinematic flair.