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Jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes, historical monuments and friendly people all contrive to make Nepal a compelling location for visual stories. However, when Belinda Bow, Ambassador for 3Angels Nepal, and film crew set out to film their documentary, they had a darker side of Nepal in mind.

“What if I’d been born in another country? What if my daughter had been born in another country? How different would our lives be?” These thoughts ran through Belinda Bow’s mind as she stepped up in 2012 to become an ambassador for 3Angels Nepal.

She’d learned some horrifying facts.

Every 26.28 minutes, a girl in Nepal is trafficked across the border into India for an average price of $104.63 (what many people would pay for a dinner out). That’s 54 girls every day, almost 20,000 girls every year.

There are communities in Nepal completely devoid of women and children.

Now think about what this really means: communities without mothers and daughters, without futures, and without generations of family.

As a wife, and mother of two children, Belinda realised that if she herself had been born in Nepal, the risk of human trafficking to her would be real.

The 3Angels Nepal team have been working tirelessly to help the plight of the Nepali people, but more was needed. They wanted to share the 3Angels Nepal project and the true impact of human trafficking with the world.

So was born, the 3Angels Nepal documentary project.

In March 2014, in conjunction with 3Angels Nepal, a team of Newcastle residents (Director of Green Chilli Marketing and Ambassador for 3Angels Nepal, Belinda Bow, Cinematographer Daniel Bracken, Photographer Melissa Histon and Ambassador Robyn Raymond) headed to Nepal to film a documentary on the plight of the Nepali people.

3Angels Nepal is an organisation set up by Dr Rajendra Gautam and Sarah Gautam in 2008, providing children’s homes, a school, a radio station and a safe haven for victims of human trafficking.

Belinda and her team exposed some heart-wrenching stories of betrayal, but also stories of hope and renewal.

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