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Join in the fun games and activities with other bereaved siblings from the Red Nose and Sands communities. 

These playdates will be held throughout the school holidays for the siblings of babies and children who have died. The sessions will be aimed at pre-school and primary aged-children, but all children are welcome to attend. You will see that there are three sessions, your children are invited to attend any or all of these playdates.

Community playdates are here to connect your living children with other children who have also experienced the loss of a sibling. This may be the death of an older sibling who they never met or a younger sibling who they were looking forward to meeting.

The aim of these community playdates are intended to show children they are not alone as bereaved siblings. It's not our intention to talk directly about grief or coping strategies but we understand questions may arise and children may become disconcerted. Red Nose and Sands team members will be on hand to help and we ask that parents or carers check in with their children during and after the session.

We will be playing games and asking your children to take part in activities during the sessions. 

Children can feel just as isolated as their parents as they navigate how to explain the sibling that is gone to their friends, teachers and other acquaintances. you can find out more about children and grief on our website at

We look forward to you all joining us at our community playdates. 

*We understand though that this may bring up emotions for the children who attend, so we ask that an adult is in the vicinity and listening to the online community playdate.

** There will be a Red Nose counsellor in attendance during the playdate to talk to you and/or your child if they become upset. 

Session 1 - Sunday 5th July at 10:30 Central Australia Time

Session 2 - Thursday 9th July at 2:30 Central Australia Time

Session 3 - Saturday 18th July at 3:30 Central Australia Time 

***Please adjust these times to your local time when putting it in your calender

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