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Ivan Chew Productions proudly presents HANDMADE STORIES.  

We all have dreams.  Some we've realised through life.  Some we've yet to fulfill.  And then there's some we didn't get to chase and we're left with a "what if?".  

Whether it be a love lost or never discovered, a life yearned for but never explored or a goal never given the chance to grow, to bear fruit, to blossom. 

With the help of improvising actors and various types of puppetry, from shadow, electronic, glove and marionette, come along with us on a journey to help a special someone see one possibility of that unfilled dream.  You might laugh.  You might weep.  You might scowl.  The only surety is that you will be entertained.

So come along and share a journey with us, and be part of something bigger.  

Brand X Event Space, Level 3, Central Park

28 Broadway Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

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