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As it’s the end of winter we are going to take this opportunity to light your spark, connect, feel the warmth. See the light and fire up your life. Sounds good doesn’t it?

This night will be about coming together as a community and sharing something pretty special. Spring is upon us, it’s the season for new things – it’s about stepping into new ways of being and allowing yourself to blossom. None of this holding onto stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore, it’s time to let all that go. Imagine a life where those things that get in your way of being confident, happy and relaxed were no longer hanging around. Would it be awesome if you no longer felt like life is all too hard, overwhelming and full of stuff that gets in the way.

I can’t wait to sit around the fire with you and let the rest of the world be on hold for a while. Normally workshops like these will cost a lot more but we have deliberately kept it minimal as its truly is about enjoying the warmth of the fire and connecting with others. If you didn’t already know fire and its meaning is very close to me and I am beyond excited that we can do this together.

I will share more about why this night has come to fruition but let’s just say the bonfire will be cranking for a while!

We will start the night with a reflective process, followed by time around the fire with some nourishing food, great company and warmth from the Ignite community. Who knows what may happen - we are open to roasting marshmallows, great convos, a bit of a song along, sharing moments and an absolutely wonderful rich warm time. Yes, we can step into spring with some fun and leave the cold dark winter behind us, let’s Ignite life together - I can’t think of a better way to do it.

We will arrive at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start with entry including the reflective workshop, hearty meal, the bonfire and an experience of connection, warmth, nourishment, nurturing and a night away from it all,

love the sound of this but need more info, please give Bel a call and have a chat.

Cant wait to be around the fire with you!

please give Bel a call and have a chat if you are curious about the night!


Candy Road Happy Valley SA 5159, Australia

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Belinda Ryan
Belinda Ryan
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Belinda Ryan

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