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“It’s aromatic substances lull to sleep, allay anxieties and brighten dreams”
Plutarch, Greek Philosopher, on the Egyptian perfume Kyphi.

There would not be a single person untouched by the stress and challenge of COVID-19. Hence why I’ve decided to focus on mental health in the first of my online workshops.

It is well recognised how psychological factors can affect our physical health and conversely physical issues can have an impact on our mental state. Essential oils have the ability to influence our mood, behaviour and hormonal activity and can be a practical, useful tool to help cope with stress levels and associated symptoms.

In this workshop you will discover simple ways to incorporate essential oils and other aspects of aromatherapy into everyday life for stress, fatigue, mood balance, insomnia and immune support. 

Extra notes will be sent to participants before and after workshop.



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Sonya Edmonds
Mother Nurture

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