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"“Jamie Hutchings' art has an air of authority and purpose, a sense of space that is quintessentially his.” - Mess and Noise

Jamie Hutchings' solo acoustic “Careering Through the Wilderness 1995 – 2015 Tour” happens across the East Coast of Australia throughout January and February. For long-term fans of the Australian independent music scene, Hutchings has been a constant high quality fixture. He fronted Sydney group Bluebottle Kiss throughout the ‘90’s and ‘00’s, when the band’s sophisticated blend of noise, folk and pop won them a fierce cult following. His acclaimed solo work has been both stark and adventurous, and has been a catalyst for touring all over Australia, Europe and Asia. In recent times, his new group Infinity Broke have blended hypnotic, pummelling rhythms with barbed wire guitar and have proven to be a sonic feast for lovers of raw experimental rock.

Throughout his artistic career Jamie’s unique, emotive and intelligent songs have been at the core. With the year 2015 marking 20 years since Hutchings’ songs were first heard via the debut Bluebottle Kiss album Higher Up the Firetrails, this tour will give long term listeners a unique opportunity to hear Jamie’s sprawling song book cover 20 years of material. Many songs left off set lists for over a decade will make a rare appearance. Ahead of the release of a second Infinity Broke album in early 2015, don’t miss this opportunity to catch this unique songwriter deliver a rare retrospective performance.

"Jamie Hutchings writes songs that are epic, tender and mean." - The Thousands

“One of the greatest Australian songwriters of any generation.’” - DB Magazine

Buddy Glass is the solo guise for Peabody frontman, Bruno Brayovic. This alter-ego was born in France in 2012 where his debut album was written and then subsequently recorded in industrial Marrickville. Lyrically heavy, (but not earnest) Buddy Glass largely deals with the question “what the hell are we doing here?”, “what happens when we’re not here anymore?” and “how can we make any of this more bearable?”. With songs inspired by the likes of J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut, John Steinbeck and Ovid, prepare your hearts and minds to be regaled, romanced and gently shouted at. Buddy Glass is an Aries who likes animals and dislikes rudeness and war.

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Django Bar @ Camelot Lounge 19 Marrickville Road Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia

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