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In a long-forgotten corner of the earth, once covered by snow and ice but now basking in warm sunshine, the Snow Queen sits brooding on her throne. Defeated in another age, her powers weakened by two children who understood the power of love, she reaches out to someone who has no concept of love, someone whose heart has the potential to be as cold as her own.

Far, far away, a young girl, betrayed and abandoned by everybody she ever thought she loved, tries to take her own life. Against the odds she is revived and committed to an institution for her own safety. She has lost the desire to communicate and loses herself in a world of video games, finding herself drawn to a new game on the market.

Entering the game, she becomes a warrior, battling her way through strange and mysterious lands, gaining in strength every day and learning skills to equip her for whatever life might have in store for her.

But will she be ready for the final confrontation with the woman who wants to steal her soul?

Join us for the preview of our web series and the making of the stage show The Snow Queen featuring an amazing cast of emerging actors from the Brisbane region. There is no charge for this event but we invite you to make a donation with all proceeds going into the final stage of creative development for the show.

Amphitheatre, Roma Street Parkland

1 Parkland Boulevard Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

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Angela Witcher
InsideOutside Theatre Company

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