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Shooglenifty’s sound springs from traditional Scottish dance music, energised by the beats and bass line of something altogether more contemporary. It is not a sit-down kind of music, it’s a join-in, and get on your feet kind of vibe. Attempts to describe this almost uncategorisable band include: ‘hypno-folkadelic-ambient-trad’ and ‘Acid-Croft’, which derives from late 1980s club music ‘Acid House’, a croft being a traditional Scottish rural dwelling.

This pioneering band is in demand all over the world and the guys have, in recent months, entertained at festivals and venues in India and Europe. Previous career highlights include performing for Nelson Mandela and Emperor Akihito of Japan (not both at once), performing with dhol drummers of Rajasthan at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, inciting the crowd to a stage invasion at Sydney Opera House, and collaborating with Lebanese musicians in Beirut.

Shooglenifty was formed in Scotland 25 years ago at the height of the late 80s/early 90s electronic dance music scene, and the vibe of that time is a key influence on their sound. Their latest album The Untied Knot will be released in January 2015 and is the first to feature song, for the most part supplied by radiant 'puirt a beul' vocalist Kaela Rowan, but watch out for other members of the band showing off their vocal abilities.

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The Shoogles will appear with band members old and new at the Scottish Trad Awards in Inverness in December 2014. The Untied Knot, their sixth studio album, will be released in January 2015.

The band will start their 25th anniversary year on stage at the stroke of midnight on 1 January at the Woodford Folk Festival in Australia.

Shooglenifty will perform with traditional musicians from Rajasthan at their official 25th anniversary concert at Celtic Connections in January.

What others say ...

"Shooglenifty are the leading lights in Scotland's inventive music scene. From the early nineties to current day they have led the pack with innovative arrangements, brilliant tunes and true worldwide appeal. " Simon Thoumire, Creative Director, Hands Up for Trad

"Shooglenifty invented a totally new and spellbinding way of playing ultimately Highland music as a modern groove-based entity. Along with Martyn Bennett they transformed this ancient music with respect and vision. 25 years on they continue to blaze a trail of 'acid-croft' that no others can touch." Aidan O'Rourke, Lau

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