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TOP SHOTS Breakfast Event      

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BRW Top Shots Breakfast

April 28, 2016, Watt Street Arc

'It's the unlikely juxtaposition of creativity and logic which causes the wooliness and confusion around the term 'innovation'. Everybody wants to be innovative; many companies and ideas are proclaimed to be innovative and no one doubts that innovation is a money spinner. And, thus, we are all looking for the magic formula. Well, here you go: Creativity + Iterative Development = Innovation.' James Dyson

PKF and Ideation At Work present the Top Shots of the BRW Most Innovative Companies and Best Places to Work Lists at Watt Street Arc on Thursday April 28. Our sponsor, PKF were themselves finalists in the Financial Review Client Choice Awards in 2015. It is PKF's innovative approach to everything from their systems to their client relationships that make PKF the perfect host for this event.

Business Review Weekly are themselves going through an iteration. From now on  BRW.com.au will be incorporated in the Innovation and Entrepreneur sections of Financial Review Leadership. In news, analysis and opinion the focus is on the innovators and entrepreneurs, and on the strategies that drive growth and profit in large and small Australian businesses. Now more than ever businesses need to be innovating. Often all that is needed is a little inspiration to spark incremental, sustainable, disruptive and even destructive innovation.

At this event, executives from Planet Innovation, and UM will share their success stories. These diverse companies embed innovation into their vibrant and progressive company cultures, resulting in improving the lives of their clients and their employees while simultaneously improving their bottom line.

Innovation, a healthy organisational culture, and fast iterations, are crucial attributes to small and medium businesses and large organisations.

For more information and media enquiries, please email Ideation At Work

The Speakers

Planet Innovation #1 BRW Most Innovative Companies 

Roger Langsdon,
Marketing Manager


Roger returns to Newcastle in 2016. He is a specialist marketing and communications professional with a successful track record in growing an organisation’s reputation and revenue through strategic marketing and high-impact communications.Recognised by the Australian Marketing Institute with its award for Best Business Communications Strategy, Roger has built a reputation in the industry as an inspirational leader who helps organisations take their brand to the next level through innovative thought leadership strategies and disciplined execution across digital and traditional media channels.

At Planet Innovation Roger directs global marketing activities and plays an active role in the development of an innovative culture.

Read why Planet Innovation took out the top spot in the BRW Most Innovative Companies list.

Planet Innovation

UM #1 Best Places To Work (under 100 employees)

David Haddad,
General Manager 

David Haddad has 13 years of experience within the media industry. David started his career at Zenith Media as a trader on categories such as automotive, FMCG and retail. After three years, David moved to Bellamy Hayden (for five years) as communications strategist working across FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Household Appliances. In June 2010, David joined UM as a Communications Director leading the Microsoft account across APAC before moving into a Group Director role leading major accounts including NSW Government, ING Direct and News Corp Australia. In December 2014 David was appointed to General Manager of UM Sydney.

As General Manager of UM Sydney David leads the Sydney office operations across clients, culture and commercials. He has total responsibility for ensuring client satisfaction with the entire media product provided by UM. David has highly effective organisational skills, issue management, internal and client management and communication skills. He also is responsible for the overall quality control across all areas of UM’s service delivery and he has extensive, productive and professional media owner relationships, particularly at the most senior levels within the media owner organisations.

Read why UM took out the top spot in the BRW Best Places to Work list (under 100 employees).


Throat Scope Local Top Shot

On Tuesday 26th April at 4:07pm, we found out that Jennifer Holland had been called in to appear on the Today Show on Thursday and will no longer be live at the venue. We will try to play her performance live.

Jennifer Holland
Jennifer Holland – Founder & CEO of Throat Scope

Jennifer Holland invented, designed, developed and patented the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor medical device, Throat Scope in 2010.

Throat Scope was a light bulb moment that came to Jennifer in a doctor’s surgery in Brisbane back in 2009. The doctor pried her child’s mouth open with a wooden tongue depressor while Jennifer restrained her distressed child. In that moment, Jennifer thought there had to be an easier way, and embarked on her journey to develop a revolutionary tool for oral cavity examination.

The mother of four then went home checked if existing patents were in place for a similar device, and although there were some that existed, the materials were so cost prohibitive at the time, that they weren’t ever produced.

Jennifer spent endless hours researching plastic and lighting technologies whilst ensuring patents were in place to protect her innovative idea.

In 2011, Jennifer won $50,000 from the Queensland government for ‘What’s The Big Idea QLD’ for the continued development of the Throat Scope technology, allowing Jennifer to then take Throat Scope to the next level and present her invention on the Channel 10 hit show, Shark Tank four years later. Throat Scope successfully achieved backing from tech entrepreneur / investor Steve Baxter and Jennifer walked away with an investment in her innovative product. Jennifer welcomed a new team of medical and corporate professionals to the Throat Scope family and hasn’t looked back.

Following the success of Shark Tank, Throat Scope won the 2015 Sydney Design Awards and officially launched Throat Scope into the Australian and New Zealand healthcare and consumer market.

Since then, Throat Scope has secured healthcare and retailer distributors worldwide to introduce Throat Scope to medical professionals, hospitals and homes around the globe.

HMRI - Local Top Shots

Dr Jamie Flynn, Antony Martin and Will Palmer 

Three young University of Newcastle (UON) biologists have hand-built a state-of-the-art laser microscope at HMRI that delivers clear three-dimensional cellular images with unparalleled speed and precision.

Where commercial versions cost up to $1 million, colleagues Dr Jamie Flynn, Antony Martin and Will Palmer assembled their unique device for just $70,000 using plans, parts and technical advice sourced from the internet and collaborators around the world.

The three have also formed a company and are working in the food tech arena. 

How do ideas and opportunities present themselves and form into prototypes and commercial ventures?


Speakers subject to change

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