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Steve and Evan Strong will present a talk with slides to show evidence that the Original people of Australia were long ago, more advanced than any other race...

Through more than twenty years of research, Steve and Evan have pieced together a profound buried story of the Original peoples of Australia. This story tells of a sophisticated and intricately evolved ancient tribe - full of high ceremonies and initiations into other realms…It is hypothesised that Australia's Ancient Peoples' ritual practice and understanding of the stars was not just profoundly more deep than we realise, but it was shared with other races far away and on other continents, such as the Egyptians…long ago.

Bringing together ancient sites, archaeology, artifacts, and wisdom from the Elders, the Strongs present ample evidence of an ancient technology used in Australia that is still beyond present-day capacities, and a depth and intimacy with esoteric wisdom that shames us today, including an eternal connection to the stars—with a particular emphasis on the Pleiades constellation.

Steven and Evan Strong have spent the last five years liaising closely with Original Elders and Custodians of the Old Ways in unveiling sites and archaeology that will not only rewrite Australian, but world pre-history. The archaeology they are working on, speak of ancient civilisations and the place from which modern humanity, culture and all the hallmarks of modern society we revere originated: Australia   ( 

* Private viewings of artifacts and an audience with the presenters can be arranged for a fee of $50.00 (after the presentation)

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