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Warriors Wardrobe is open to anyone who would like to sell their wardrobes including shoes, accessories, cosmetics and beauty related items and handbags. You will be allocated a space for the day in which you can set up your stall however you choose! We have limited spaces available for each event and once these tickets are sold out there is no wait list. However, we are hoping to continue to grow and each month find a new venue to give everyone a chance at being a warrior!

We also would like to extend an invitation to boutique owners to come join us and get their brand some more exposure within the fashion community. It is an opportunity to sell clearance and present stock and also to get to know your customers and their needs! We are looking for boutiques who sell clothing/shoes/accessories/makeup or cosmetics and anything else related to fashion retail!

On the day, customers who would like to come shop through our Warrior’s wardrobes will only have to pay a gold coin donation at the door, with all proceeds going straight to Assist a Sista. Assist a Sista is a group of community volunteers who work together to help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and repair by bringing hope and restoring faith. (

We have been and will continue to promote our event to help get as many customers in on the day to come raid your wardrobes! We are hoping to get in touch with numerous media outlets as well to get a lot of coverage for the day.

Help support Warrior Wardrobes by screaming our name from the rooftops! We want this to be a huge event so we can continue to take this around Brisbane.

As a Wardrobe Warrior seller you will need to purchase a ticket here to reserve your position on the day.

Warriors Wardrobe Seller Ticket - $50 + $3.50 booking fee

The price of your ticket includes the following:

Allocated stall space within the hall (space size to be confirmed however it will be big enough for your table and racks)

Advertising for the event to ensure heaps of shoppers can come raid your wardrobe on the day!

We do not provide racks, however you are able to bring your own. We do not specifically need you to have racks, if you want to set up your stall with tables only, or suitcases, or on the floor, or hanging from a hat rack we don’t mind. It is 100% up to you how you want to present your stall. (Racks would probably be the easiest) We are very laid back about the layout of your stall so creativity is completely up to you! Please email us if you have any queries about your stall.

We will also be inviting a DJ to come and play some tunes whilst you sell and shop! And of course a coffee cart for all your caffeine needs. We also are okay with a team of people joining together to sell all their items, but just remember the stall will be about 3x3 metres so if you need more space please purchase multiple tickets and let us know on the day so we can put you together.

28th of February 2015


8:15am - 9:00am


9:00am- 2:00pm

Please purchase tickets carefully as these are non-refundable tickets.

What should I bring?

Please bring with you a copy of your ticket so we can allocate your stall.

Please bring racks, tables or whatever other device you would like to display your items. We are not fussy with how your stall is set up, that is 100% up to you!

Please make sure to bring cash with you to give change to customers as EFTPOS is not available on the day. If you have EFTPOS that’s great, feel free to bring it along, but we will not have electricity ports available.

Please make sure any money you bring and or generate during the day is safe and secure!

Bring a collapsible chair to sit down on. We don’t expect there to be much quiet time, but it is a long day and we don’t want you to get too exhausted!

Bring bags of any sort to bag up your customers purchases.

There will be no physical change rooms available. It is up to you as a seller as to whether or not you will allow customers to take your items away to try on. If you don’t want to do this we advise to bring a mirror so customers can hold up your items.

We want to make this day very successful for everyone involved! Also if you have a blog, or instagram, website or anything else you would like promoted please do send them through so we can promote you as well! You can send these to

We would also love for you to # any pics you make take whilst there or leading up to the day with #wardrobewarriors :)


If you have any questions please do message us on our facebook page ( or email us at
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MacGregor State High School Hall

29 Blackwattle Street Macgregor QLD 4109, Australia

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Lauren Pearson
Wardrobe Warriors

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