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SATURDAY NOTE: If you are trying to buy a ticket today and the online box office is closed you can still get TICKETS ON THE DOOR but please try and come early around 5.00pm, the film will start at 6.00pm with the after party at 8.30pm.  Tickets are still available for both the film and After Party on the door at Paddington Town Hall. See you there x ANODE!! BEAUTIFUL LOSERS SCREENING + ANODE OPENING NIGHT PARTY A screening + an after-party all in one!  A very limited number of tickets are available for the screening of the film BEAUTIFUL LOSERS which automatically gets you in to the Anode festival bash, starting straight after the screening at Paddington Town Hall.  Save $$ and get your first release tickets to save $10. BEAUTIFUL LOSERS Beautiful Losers - A film by Aaron Rose (Alleged Gallery, NYC) & Thomas Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Harmony Korine, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Mike Mills,  Stephen Powers & Ed Templeton  with music by Money Mark   The “beautiful losers” of this documentary film are self-described former nerds, freaks and outsiders who turned to skate and graffiti-inspired art, and become … successes.’   ~  The Moment  / The New York Times  blog Aaron Rose’s documentary Beautiful Losers is a portrait of the former nerds, freaks and outsiders who coalesced around New York’s Alleged Gallery in the ’90s, and became accidental art-stars. Rooted in the DIY worlds of skate, surf, punk, hip hop and graffiti, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led, and in doing so created one of the most influential cultural moments of a generation. Featuring Shepard Fairey (creator of the Obey Giant series), Stephen ‘ESPO’ Powers, the graphic design and advertising skews made by Mike Mills and Geoff McFetridge, Harmony Korine’s wacko filmography, and the arresting naivety in Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen and Barry McGee’s bodies of work, Beautiful Losers looks at what happened when the outsiders became ‘in’, and celebrates the creative ethos that continues to inspire them. (90 mins. Rated: R) ‘More than an instance of instant nostalgia, the film is a low-key celebration of people and community, what can happen when like-minded individuals really get it together.’ ~  The Los Angeles Times     ‘Perhaps Beautiful Losers can stand as a reminder to hold onto our silliness while we still can.’ ~  Newyorkpress.com  OPENING NIGHT PARTY  ANODE |  A season of art    www.anode2009.com  Speakeasy Cinema presents Beautiful Losers in conjunction with Madman. Drop in to  www.madman.com.au  to get the DVD after the screenings. MADMAN is Australia’s leading independent home entertainment and theatrical distribution and rights management company. Madman proudly showcases the best in collectable and special interest genres including Australian film, World cinema, TV, Kids’ content and Japanese animation, (anime).
Paddington Town Hall

Corner Oxford St & Oatley Road Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

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Tiani Chillemi
Decode Pty Ltd

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