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"When Berihun opened his mouth and began to sing an ancient prayer with the most authentic blues intonation I had ever heard, I was already floating a few centimeters above my seat. Every sound in this performance flew straight into the soul, including the sound of the drops of sweat that fell from Yedid's hair and landed on the piano keys". Ben Shalev, Haaretz

Duo Ras Dashen, named after the highest mountain in Ethiopia, take Ethiopian folk songs and prayers as sung by Keisim, Ethiopian Jewish religious leaders and present them with a fresh and modern twist adding blues, gospel and jazz influences.

These songs express the longings of the Beta Israel, Ethiopia's Jews, for Jerusalem and the story of their journey, The album of Duo Ras Dashen is regarded as one of the finest and most original jazz albums to have been produced in Israel in the last decade and the music of Ras Dashen emphasizes the ancestry of these musical roots of blues and jazz to Africa.

Abate Berihun (Voice and Saxophones) Yitzhak Yedid (Piano)