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Join us for an important fundraiser at Foundry616 tonight to alleviate the suffering of the people of Vanuatu: hosted by Chicago pianist John Harkins & organised by pianist Rodric White.

Stars include singers Virna Sanzone, Liam Burrows, Anna Salleh & pianist Kevin Hunt

Artists kindly donating their time to perform on the night:

John Harkins (piano & master of ceremonies)

Virna Sanzone (vocals)

Kevin Hunt (piano)

Anna Salleh (singer/guitarist of Brazilian Music)

Sandie White (vocals)

Marilane De Mello (singer)

Shirley Smith (singer)

Liam Burrows (singer)

Rachel Delgado (singer from Chile)

Col Loughnan (sax)

Paul Cultan (sax)

Rick Robertson (sax)

Steve Brien (guitar)

Tom Wood (guitar)

Gavin Ahearn (piano)

Dan Holland (piano)

Peter Head (piano)

James Williams (organ)

Hugh Fraser (bass)

Alex Compton (bass)

Steve Ley (drums)

Simon Ert (drums)

Tim Bradley (drums)

Jason Murray (drums)

616 Harris St. Ultimo, Sydney, Australia
Phone: (02) 9211 9442

Super Cyclone Pam, a maximum category five storm, hit the island country of Vanuatu late on Friday 13th March 2015, with gusts up to 200 miles (322 km) an hour, with widespread destruction and dozens of deaths.

It is difficult to see Vanuatu suffer the devastating consequences of Cyclone Pam. Australia, New Zealand & many other nations are rallying to the aid of Vanuatu to help restore essential services such as clean water & electricity, the rebuilding of the hospital in Port Vila, the provision of emergency temporary housing, food, clothing, medicine to the people of Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu High Commissioner in Canberra, Mr Kalfau Kaloris, was my childhood friend / fellow student in my class at the British Primary School in Vila during the 5 years my family lived there in the 1970s (when Vanuatu was a joint British-French Colony, called the New Hebrides / Les Nouvelles Hebrides). It is because of the debt I feel that I owe Port Vila & Vanuatu, that I spoke with Mr Peter Rechniewksi to secure his support in staging this fundraiser "Concert for Vanuatu" at Foundry 616.

"Many thanks to Peter Rechniewski for his valued support to stage this Concert to raise vital funds to assist the people of Vanuatu at this difficult time in their history" - Rodric White (pianist & event organiser)

Where will the funds raised go

This fundraiser is in response to a joint initiative between 'The Australian Friends of Vanuatu' and the Vanuatu High Commission, located in Canberra. The request for these funds comes directly from the Vanuatu High Commission in Canberra & Vanuatu High Commissioner Kalfau Kaloris.

All the funds raised will be administered on-the-ground by a Committee made up of the Vanuatu High Commissioner or his representative, a representative of the Australian Friends of Vanuatu, and a representative of the Vanuatu Department of Finance. These funds will be spent directly in Vanuatu, and have no administrative fees.

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